"Forever we are the enigmas..."

That was the first thing he wrote in the red notebook. Five words, from a melody that he could never forget. The words, simple; they brought him peace. He examined the streaks of graphite on the paper. The letters began to merge and connect, forming the words he wrote. The writer could feel his eyes closing, and with them, the notebook. He stood up from his resting place, a dark-gray porch. He reached to the bookbag on his back and unzipped the largest pocket. He sifted through jumbled bits of homework, binders, and supplies. In one open spot, he slid the red notebook inside. He dusted off the eraser shavings from his black jacket, which also had pictures on it. Underneath it was a shirt with his favorite band on it. From the porch, he saw rain and darkness. The damp atmosphere was thick with cold air and moisture. With a sigh, he grabbed the hood of his jacket and tossed it over his head. He reached to his bookbag and took out a small MP3 player and headphones. The headphones were small and compact; they slid into his ears. With his thumb, he tapped the buttons of the MP3 player, sifting through music that he had already heard. After he chose the right song, he turned back to the dark street. The darkness thickened with the air, but he walked into the storm. Each droplet of rain pounded his head and exploded with water. The rain threw a barrage of water at him, dampening his jacket quickly. The loud rainfall couldn't be heard by him, though; all he heard was the dark rock echoing in his head. He raised his head to the road, the road that was only lit by street lights. The shining orbs gleamed in the shadows. The rain pounded the street, but he could also hear footsteps. They were horrifically faint, but he heard them from behind him. But, he did not turn around. His eyes remained focused on the shadow-filled road. The footsteps gradually grew louder, but remained rather quiet. Soon, a second figure stood beside the dark first. They stood together, both wearing black jackets, their faces hidden by hoods. The later-arriving one was a bit shorter than the first, and longer hair shot from underneath the hood onto their shoulders. They also had a larger chest, obviously proving that they were a female. The female wore a skirt instead of the jeans that the male had. They both looked to the street as two brightly-shining orbs entered the road. They approached them quickly and grew brighter. The lights stopped, with their source, a yellow school bus, stopping with them with an open door. The taller figure walked to the door and slowly stepped up the steps. A sea of heads moved about the bus seats, as the hooded figures walked toward an empty seat in the back. They gathered no sound in their ears besides the rock that harmonized through the first's head. They both sat down in the thick leather seat, both side by side. The taller male grabbed his hood and threw it off his head. The shorter female did the same, revealing a long-brown-haired girl with bright eyes. She had a small amount of piercings on her face and was beautiful to say the least. She smiled to the boy, who had his headphones still in his ears. He looked to her, then reached for his left headphone. He handed it to her and gave a small smile.

"It's new." he quietly said. "Give it a listen." The girl smiled and placed the headphone in her ear. The music was intense and dark, but she felt herself begin to relax. The guitar riffs felt like light-hearted strums of a harp. She felt herself begin to lose wake, and soon she fell asleep on the dark bus. The boy next to her wrapped his arm around her as she fell asleep. He continued to listen to his music and gazed out the window.

The bus pulled to the curb of the packed high school. Other buses followed behind the one the two were riding. The brakes screeched loudly, stirring the sleeping girl in the back of the bus. The boy next to her glanced down to her and smiled a bit. The girl yawned and sat up.

"We're here already?" she tiredly said.

"Yup." he replied with a sigh. "Back to the old grind." They both stood up and walked off the bus. The rain still poured down, so they put their hoods up again. It was a short walk to the door; crowds of people rushed inside out of the storm. The two walked along the tile inside, irritating squeaks were everywhere from everyone's wet shoes. "Oh God, I hate that."

"C'mon, get over that, Leon." she replied. "It'll go away soon." They began to walk through the populated hallways with their rock music blaring in their ears. The girl reached over to the hand of the boy named Leon and clasped her palm in his. Apparently, it was an unwritten law in high school of couples holding hands. Leon didn't particularly like all the unwritten laws, but he didn't say anything about it. Corners and other students passed by their eyes, but they did their best to ignore it all. They could both hear the music beginning to end, so they approached the large cafeteria at the end of the hall. Table after table was populated; Leon scanned the room and noticed a table with some familiar people. One wore a hoodie and was playing a handheld video game. Another was bigger and wore some plain clothes. Leon and the girl approached the table and sat down in some nearby chairs. Leon waved a hand in front of the gaming student.

"Wake up, ya' crazy." he said. The gamer looked up from the machine and gave a simple stare.

"The minions need retribution." he said, going back to playing his game. Leon sighed.

"Dammit, Kevin." he said.

"Hi Leon, Reyna." the bigger guy said.

"Yo, Mike." Leon said.

"Hi, Mike." Reyna said, still holding Leon's hand. Kevin shut off his game and put it in his bookbag.

"God, I so don't wanna be here today." Leon said. "I need to fix up my review."

"What did you review this time?" Mike said.

"I just reviewed an older one. Not very many new games have come out, so I'm resorting to the old stuff to keep my skills active. Being a journalist requires skill and ability to be going at all times. Fear my power as a video game reviewer!"

"Okay, okay, man..." Mike said. Leon dropped his head onto the table.

"I need a soda." he said, raising his hand to Reyna. She was confused at his gesture. "Are you coming with me?" he said. Reyna shook her head. "Headphone please." Reyna's eyes widened as she handed Leon the headphone. She smiled back a bit. Leon stood up, put the headphone in his ear, and walked to the soda machine nearby.

"Someone give me a dollar." Kevin said.

"No." Reyna, said with a glare.

"But Kevin needs soda too."

"Forget it." Reyna said, seeing Leon return with a soda. Leon dropped into the chair, leaning his head on the table. He handed the soda to Reyna.

"You first." he said. Reyna smiled, opened the soda, and drank a sip or two.

"Thank you, Leon." she said, handing the soda back to him. Leon sat up and drank some.

"To another week of oversaturation of life." he said, raising his soda. Kevin and Mike raised their sodas to the toast as well. As they did, the irritating sound of the bell rang in their ears. They all stood up from the table and walked into the crowded hallway. Everyone tried to stay together through the pandemonium. Eventually, they found a break in the masses and regrouped.

"I hate this." Kevin said.

"It's just one of those unstoppable forces." Leon said, clasping his palm into the nearby Reyna's. Mike had to break off from the group to go to his class, so he waved bye to them and left.

"Bye everyone." he said.

"See ya, Mike." they replied. The remaining walked into the now more open hallways.

"This is where I get off." Kevin said, walking to the door of his classroom.

"Okay." Reyna said.

"See ya, Kevin." Leon said. Only Leon and Reyna remained, but their destination was the same. Together, they walked into the large classroom and sat down at their table. Leon dropped his head onto the table and began to speak a prose from his head:

'Tis the long, dark morning, scattered with clouds.

No sun, nor shine to brighten the tired's day

May the light shine on the pains of labor

May our darkness began to show

Instead of this forgotten shadow?

For our shadow is the only shadow

The makes the sunshine less than preferable.

Reyna was confused at his prose, but Leon lifted his head up, emphasizing the zombie circles around his eyes. Reyna stared at him, for she was always hypnotically enticed by his eyes. He was not one to wear makeup; the eyes, hypnotic and dark, they were natural. Each time she looked into them, she could see what he was thinking.

"How do you do that?" she asked.

"Do what?" he said.

"You...say such beautiful poetry...right off the top of your head." she said. Leon scratched the back of his head and lied it on the table.

"Dunno. Just...inspiration." he said. "It just...appears."

"What inspires you?" Reyna said. Leon was silent for about a minute.

"Things." he said. He saw the classroom begin to flood with the people who were standing in the hallways. They yammered on, mindlessly talking about whatever was on their minds. Leon and Reyna cringed, for their opinion on it was negative. They awaited the final chime to sound, so the day, another day filled with mindlessness, could begin. Leon remembered his completion of the previous day's assignment, leaving the present day open. Reyna glanced to Leon's bookbag. She reached down and began to shuffle through Leon's belongings. She grabbed the red notebook and handed it to Leon, who still had his face down on the table. Leon looked up, his piercing eyes still shimmering, and saw Reyna's smile. She had the same eyes he did: full of emotion and full of thought. He grabbed it and pulled out a mechanical pencil from his bookbag. He opened the notebook to a blank page and began again.