This is a sestina that I had to write for english class; the ending words have a continous pattern.

Blood & Flesh

Flowing like rain drops goes the blood

Sparing no forgiveness or mercy

For the souls of the Forsaken

Disease flowing from the flesh

Bringing nothing but death

Within the makings of a fateful night

Cold as life breathes the night

Bringing the temptation of fresh blood

Only to be awoken in death

In this life, there is no such thing as mercy

Only the callings of the flesh

And the beckoning of the Forsaken

For we are all of the Forsaken;

Damned to live eternally among the night

Brought together only by our flesh

And our hunger of forbidden blood

The only thing that can save thee is mercy

Companioned by a quick and sudden death.

Or your soul shall never be granted passage among the dead

Come little child of the Damned and Forsaken

I just may show you a bit of mercy

Follow the lullaby of the night

Ignore the crimson trails of blood

You've only got your humanity to lose; not your flesh

Be granted the sins of the flesh

You just have to except your death

And give in the thirst of life's blood

Then you will become a Fallen like all of the Forsaken

Bring forth the morbid tidings of the night

And through such spare no mercy

Then soon you will begin to question what such a word is as mercy

Granted all the blessings of the flesh

And all the curses of the night