Chapter One

The wind wisped past Kelly's head as she awoke to a blinding pain in her right knee. She tried to sit up, but the pain consumed her and she felt like screaming. She noticed her gelding; Canyon, standing over her. Canyon lowered his head and nuzzled her softly. His sides were heavy with sweat. She began hearing voices and turned to see her mom and sister running to her aid.

"Kelly! Are you okay?" her mother asked, worried.

"My leg hurts terribly. What happened? I don't remember anything!" Kelly told them. Her older sister, Katherine, looked at her with a worried expression on her face. Katherine was a tall, slender girl with blue eyes and black hair. Katherine looked at her mother and said "You fell off Canyon pretty hard. I don't know exactly what happened, but something spooked him. He lost his balance and you fell. He crushed your foot in the process."

Kelly looked at them, worried.

"Do you think it's broken!?" she asked, staring at her foot. Her mom; Lia, looked at it, gently. Kelly gasped as she attempted to move it and said that it probably was broken.

"Let's get you to the house. I'll take a closer look at it and if it's serious, we'll go to the hospital." she explained. Katherine grabbed one of Kelly's arms and her mother grabbed the other and they pulled her up. Kelly had to balance on her good foot or she would fall. She hopped all the way to the house as they held onto her.

Three hours later, the green Chrysler pulled into the driveway from the hospital. Kelly had indeed broken her foot. Kelly had a large cast on her foot. It was coloured blue, her favorite colour. She was devistated when they told her that she couldn't ride for six months. The car stopped in front of the barn. Kelly moved around, uneasily.

"Mom, I need to take care of Canyon." she told her. Lia turned and looked at her, strictly.

"Honey, let us do that for you. You need your rest." her mom told her. Kelly wasn't convinced, and she tried to get out of the car on her own. Katherine hopped out and handed her them crutches.

"Mom! He needs me!" Kelly nearly shouted. Her mother glared at her.

"Kelly May Stevens! You do not speak to me like that! Now, you will go inside and rest." her mom ordered. Kelly groaned and leaned on the stilts Katherine handed her.

Kelly limped around the barn on her crutches most of the next day. Her arms ached and she had a terrible headache. She turned the corner of the house and noticed Katherine standing near the paddock where Canyon stayed. Katherine greeted her with a warm smile.

"How is my injured sister doing?" she asked, teasing. Kelly smiled.

"My arms and head ache, but other than that, I'm fine. Now, I really want to see Canyon." Kelly told her. Katherine looked at her, worried.

"NO! STOP!" Katherine shouted as Kelly tried to walk by her. Kelly stopped and stared at her.

"What? What's wrong, Katherine?" Kelly demanded. Katherine rubbed her forehead.

"You can't see him. He's... he's changed." Katherine told her. "He's traumatized. Insane. He's afraid of everyone. He will hurt you, again." she told her, holding onto her shirt. Kelly stared at her.

"Leave me alone. I know he loves me and I'll prove it!" Kelly told her, limping to the paddock.

"Kelly, wait!" Katherine called after her. Kelly didn't hear her and she turned the corner to see Canyon. She gasped. Canyon was running around his paddock, insanely. Rearing and whinnying non-stop. Kelly lost her balance and leaned against the wall. This time, the crutches would not hold her. She couldn't stop staring at the site of her horse gone bad.

"Canyon! Stop!" she cried. The gelding reared once more and flared his nostrils at her. Her looked at her, nervously.

Suddenly, she heard a faint voice. It repeated "Help!" over and over again. It couldn't have been Canyon, horses can't talk. As she got back her balance on the crutches, she noticed Katherine was gone. Canyon reared and shouted "You must help me child, please!" Kelly stood still for a second, trying to think a cause that would make a horse talk. She approached the fence, slowly. He came closer. She feared that he would jump out and injure her again. "Not here, I cannot talk here." the voice told her again. She grabbed a halter and lead and put it on him. She lead him into the barn.

Before she could leave, Katherine cought her and told her "Kelly, are you insane. That horse is dangerous! He could kill you!"

"No! He's fine now. He just had a bug up his nostril." Kelly lied, rubbing Canyon's muzzle.

"A bug? Hmmm, must have been a big one then." Katherine teased, walking off out of the barn.