Its three a.m. and the silence

Just won't leave me alone

Been up all damn night

But the shadows tell

A story untold

So I give up the fight

To my mind

Why am I sitting here?

Writing by flashlight

Four hours before the

City wakes up

This pointless habit

Of mine, needs to stop,

But I know it won't

Leave me alone

Its three a.m. and the silence

Is deafening, see

I'm so used to the

Sounds of the city

But I'm sitting here

And can hear

My blood rushing

Through veins that

Just don't deserve

To be heard

Don't care if it stops

After all, this world

Never did love me

Three a.m. and the silence

Is grasping my heart

Seams like the world

Is just me in my corner

The scratching of a pencil

That's telling my tale

The gasping of breath

And taste of the air

It seams my whole life

Has been broken down to

This one moment in time

I wont give in

But I need to sleep

And the only way,

Is to ignore myself, for

Its three a.m. and the silence

Is pounding away at my heart

It's a deafening break out

Too strong for a weak mind

Too weak for a strong kind

I can sense something though,

It's hiding from me

And I don't think I want to know

What's going on, but my mind

Never did listen to me.

But no worries, cuz

It's this three a.m. silence

That's haunting me

Through the night

It haunts with memories

I just need to forget

But the only the silence,

I accept in this world

Is the silence I choose to create

And right now,

I just need for this

Three a.m. silence

To leave