Pain is a companion,

A friend to those who cry.

Despair is a neighbor,

To those who've failed after every try.


Death is a dark harbinger,

A nightmare with a wing.

It comes within a reach of your door,

Breaching your heart, and killing everything.


This everlasting nightmare,

A searing image festers behind your eyes.

Dreams twist your will,

As you watch, within them, you seeyour lies.


His laugh haunts you,

Naming you "a little remnant."

His voice taunts you,

As he will not stay a memory.


Your body was ravished with star scar,

Grief reigns in your mind for your heart's scars.

You doubt your ability to win,

You seperate from all your friends.


You wish to be forgiven,

More than anything, that is true.

But whom should do the forgiving?

She believes it is you.