Ten till five in the morning,

Been up for three hours now.

Didn't get to sleep though

Till quarter past twelve.

Insomnia counters depression,

Lack of food and lack of sleep,

Scars in my mind are what started it all,

So somehow, this is all his fault.

Six till five in the morning,

Is he sleeping like I want to,

Or is he kept awake by the horrors?

Is he living a world of peace?

Or do I haunt him like he haunts me?

I cant help but wonder what's going on,

And if he cares that I lose sleep

Over the son of an ass that he's become

Two till five in the morning,

My face in the mirror

Surrounded by bright light

Is really a frightening sight

And I wonder if he feals the same

If he dreams the same

Dreams that he's caused me to dream

By abandoning the old me

For the new me won't let me care