Now come the Life and the Shadow

Looking for truth and the light

Search for the scar of dark sorrow

Watch as you bid them goodnight.

To the Gryphons go now

Your life in their hands

You must place if love will allow.

Go through to the Morshai lands.

The heart's wounds can be healed

But the scar will remain

If to the cliff the Princess is led

She will prove herself foe's greatest bane.

But in the dark can still be found light

And in moonlight the tree's turn again.

In light is found the darkening night

The Gryphons are leaving the den.

Cross the sandy desert wide

To the green trees shelter giving

To stem the ever rushing tide

Move to counter, sword still swinging.

Dawn is coming through the sky

Listen to his council. Listen!

As he shows how you may tie

Cortir, the man of so much sin.

To the dark reflecting mere

Drop a stone to rouse the guard

Enter now his dreadful lair

Seize the sword of Kar the Bard.

Haste now, for the day slips past

Towards the west-ward stretching sea

To the barrier that will ever last

Toward the side of the harbor lee.

Now dies the Life, her banners torn

Now rises Shadow, bereft and lorn,

Now the Song will ever mourn

Now comes again the bloody morn.
So wrote Kar the Bard before he died, naming the poem Lifesong