I guess you can say this is an essay that I had to write for an English Class after reading The Red Badge of Courage. You can say this has nothing to do with that story, if you've read it, and I would agree wholeheartedly. It wasn't meant to do with that story just the imagery in the story. So I hope you all like this and because my teacher never passed the essay back I don't know what I got on it. The translations are at the end. The idea for this is kind of strange, so at the end, with those last three words it will be strange. But it's fiction so it could be anyway I wanted it to be.



Two people, a man and a woman stood below the Tokyo Tower. Both wore mainly, but not totally, the color black; She wore a red tank top while he wore a blue dress shirt. The only other difference was kunai were placed neatly between her fingers while a katana was at his waist and shurikens in his hands. To the people passing by those two strange figures, like the samurai of old, weren't there. But they were ready to fight, to defend their honor. They shared a silent look and then the two took a deep breath of the air that smelled of the impending rain.

The wind was blowing harshly around the two figures. The trench coat adorning him was blowing out behind while the long black skirt she wore was whipping around her legs. Both stood still waiting for the other to start. Intently, they stared at each other as they both stood directly across from the other and parallel to the tower. The weapons in their hands were ready to fight, the stance of both said that. Neither seemed afraid but both were grim. The wind picked and one of the two moved finally; the woman. She stepped backwards into the metal tower and stared at her opponent. For the longest time neither moved unless to brush stray hair out of the way.

The clock stroked twelve and many new people joined the crowd as lunch hour began. The two fighters stood out in the crowd of rainbow hues. A young girl with braided hair holding a balloon noticed the two fighters and looked up at them as she went closer and closer. Neither fighter took notice of her and instead they attacked each other. The girl's mother rushed forward and retrieved the girl before she could be injured. To the onlookers it seemed as if they were just a swirl of colors. The park was filled with the dashing colors of black, red, silver, and blue. In truth it was more like they were the wind , the way they moved made everyone believe using those weapons was easy. You could hear the sharp sound of metal upon metal and the dull sound when the metal hits the skin and bone.

It seemed to be an endless battle, neither fighter stopped to catch their breath nor did they pause to just make sure they weren't injured. The crowd at the tower inched back whenever the fighters got closer. Then there was no more room for the crowd to move. Yet the fight continued and the wind continued to blow as rain started to come down over everyone making everyone believe it was as if the heavens were crying because of the battle. The sounds of the fight grew louder and the movements faster. They didn't seem to ever want to stop.

The onlookers scurried away as the fight reached it's climax. They twirled in the wind and rain flinging their weapons at each other. Kunai knocking the shurikens from the air and vice versa. Neither seemed to be in pain, though various wounds covered their bodies. The man moved first this time cleanly taking his katana from the saya. He brought it up to his face so it was perpendicular to his face with the knuckles of his left hand resting against his cheek. Members of their audience gasped like they knew what was going to occur in the next seconds. He charged at her and the colors swirled again.

They stopped moving yet again and this time the woman was on her knees with the sharp tip of the katana against her throat. She stood slowly and there were collective gasps all around as she deftly pushed the blade away with the tip of her finger and collapsed against the male. The battle had barely lasted five minutes but seemed like longer. As they walked away together he handed her a bottle of water and she drank the tasteless fluid. The glint of metal on her ring finger shone as it caught the light from one of the light poles they crossed on their way from the park. A lovers quarrel.



Shuriken: ninja throwing stars
Kunai: ninja throwing knifes
Katana: Samurai sword
Saya: scabbard