Good at these

Had practice

Far too much

Wish it would stop

Still no wishes left

Forgot what color skin is

Only the merrier sees it

The carpet drinks away the tears and blood

Has to keep the secrets

Mustn't tell

Bad things will happen

Zip it shut


Quite now

Corner boy is a good boy

He can keep the secrets

He can cover the bruises

Learned not to cry

Learned not to scream

Learned to go numb

Learned it all

Pain now

Close eyes

It will all be over soon


Never over

Always here

Stop for tonight

Always tomorrow

Bite lip now

No screaming

Can taste blood now

Hurt all over

Dizzy now

Can count heartbeats now

1, 2, 3, 4…

On the floor

Can't move

Hurts too much to

Lye here for a bit

Rest here for a bit

Tunnel vision

Can't stay awake

Fade the black

Confections of a corner boy

I, the forsaken boy of the corner

Screams to the walls with no ears

No more hide and seek games

1, 2, 3, 4…

Now hiding for a whole new reason

No more games

No more smiles

Hiding for real this time

Hiding from the pain

Hiding for life

Hiding from life

Scared now

Running out of time

Can hear the footsteps now

Can smell the alcohol now

Can't disappear

Can't slip away

Not safe now

Never safe


Wish to run away

Wish to be strong

Wish to never have to be afraid ever again


No more wishing star

Childs play

Childs dream

No more dreams

Just pain now

Just fear now

Burses and scars

Cover them up

Mask it over

Play pinokeo forever

Fell down

Ran into


Worried words

Worried voices



There is no care

Never for the boy of the corner

Now its shadow games

Now its pretend games