Nothing Exists


Let me look upon you

Calligraphy face

You such a perfect photograph, all

Poised and proper and

My God, you look so beautiful

Such a pretty picture


Let your hand rest on mine and

Tell me that nothing exists

Sing me lullaby dreams in your arms until

The world slips off the face of the earth and

The Sun and the Moon can make their noisy love

But it's a dreamer that's dreaming his

By far dreamiest dreams

He's volatile and stirring in his sleep

You and I behind each eyelid, we

Are just his fantasy dreamland

Nothing exists entirely

Kiss lips all black and blue

Stroke semen-soaked hair

In the morning it won't matter because

He didn't exist

He'll wash off of me

I'll spend his money until there's nothing left and then

I'll return to my calligraphic lover

Dizzy and dreaming in acid rainbow clouds

Don't fear my peeling fingers, the touch can still love and

You don't know how the touching can take the pain away

Craving after hollow, bleak and dead oblivion

I know that nothing really exists and

I'll breathe easier and wait for

His oblivion to take me back home

With nothing but the nothingness

Your eyes gleam in black-ink solidarity

Craving wet parchment dreams. I sit in corners staring at you

You're not real and I hurt so bad but

Nothing really exists

Maybe you were only a dream

Maybe my erection is going to go away and I'll

Float forever in solemn ocean blackness

Choking on the fake water

Breathing in the fake air

You can touch the stars when they aren't there

It's all in your head now

Nothing exists

He's screaming in my face and I'm

Going a little putrescent

It's okay because I can still go back to sleep and

I'll be whole in there

Don't you see?

Nothing matters

Nothing's real

There's freedom in the emptiness and

I can tell you now that

Nothing exists