Chapter 9

What was that about Hanky Panky?

I didn't say anything. How could I? I guess Logan is a jerk, to make up something so warped and perverse. Bottom line: Johanna and Brandon couldn't have gone out. It defies all logical reason. It's like dividing by zero or square rooting a negative… it doesn't work. God, I am such a nerd!

"I can't even look at you. That's how wrong you are! You are an amazing actor. I actually almost believed you!" I crossed my arms and turned away. How infuriating.

"I'm… not lying. When we were all thirteen… we all lived near each other… we were the only supernatural in the neighborhood… I was too shy to leave the house and become friends. But Brandon hung out with her and he told me about her. To tell you the truth, I was afraid of her… I only opened up to those of my own kind. So my parents introduced me to Brandon, who knew the others."

Remember when I said that he was an amazing actor? That was an understatement. This guy was fabulous. "So, let's say that I believe you for a nano-second. They went out when they were thirteen and they are still fighting about it?! It doesn't even count when you're that young! Johanna's not lame enough to hold a grudge over that!"

"This… was more than that… you should have heard him… talk about her. The guy was… in love."

"Ok. Again, assuming I believe you. How did it end? If they were so 'in love'?"

"You might not… get it…."

I opened my mouth in protest, but he cut me off.

"Not because you're unintelligent… but because you aren't human. Do you find Brandon attractive?"

"Hell no!"

"Ok. That's because you see people just as attractive on a normal basis. We, supernatural, are extremely attractive compared to the average human."

"I seem to oppose that rule." I interrupted. He opened his mouth to say something, paused, and then seemed to change his mind and continued.

"So for a weak human preteen girl to suddenly see Brandon is… like seeing a god. She couldn't stop herself from… throwing herself on him. Johanna didn't… listen to him when he tried to explain."

Gee. I wonder why. 'Sorry this girl can't keep her hands off me. I'm just too hot for her to resist.'

"Ok, look. That's still no excuse for Brandon to verbally attack Johanna and the rest of us!"

Logan looked very sad. "I know… and all I can say is… I'm very sorry…." He reached a hand out to me, "Friends?"

I took his hand, "Friends… but don't expect me to sit and eat lunch with you!"

He smiled, and then admitted that he needed to sleep to recover his strength. I hadn't slept a wink that day and decided to skip my classes. It took a long time to finally sleep, because I couldn't get my mind of Logan. And I know what you're all thinking, and you're wrong! He just seemed so sincere and concerned. Though, I won't deny it… he is adorable. Finally, with my head filled with thoughts of Logan, I drifted off.

I usually don't remember my dreams, and when I do, I don't get all emotional from them. However, this time I distinctly saw a young werewolf, covered in bandages and curled up hiding behind a curtain. He was watching other young children play outside, a tear trickling down his cheek. He ran to his mother and cried into her lap while she rubbed his back soothingly.

I woke up to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" blaring from my phone. I checked the time. Nine bloody o'clock!

"Hello?" I asked groggily. I swear, whoever decided to call me is so gonna die.

A scratchy, false, cheery voice answered me, "Hello. The student," the voice changed, "Celeste Oaks," the voice returned, "missed first period this morning. After the tone would you please state the reason, so it can be recorded. Thank you."

The phone beeped.

"I'm bloody sick, Glader! And you had better change the time that you send these stupod calls! And change the voice recording! Seriously, this chick sounds like she's diein-" Beeeep!

Damn him.

I glanced over at Logan; He was still asleep, curled up like a puppy. He probably was too exhausted to change or even close the curtain. I pulled myself out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash up. Since I would just be going back to sleep, I decided not to take a shower. I looked myself over in the mirror. My face was puffy and my eyes were red. That's when the dream came back to me.

I can't believe what Logan went through. I guess my dream might have made things seem worse, but it's still extremly sad.

I brushed my teeth with my Disney Princess Bubble Gum flavored toothpaste (Shut up! It's an awesome flavor!!), then splashed cold water over my face. The red and puffiness had gone down considerably.

I went back into the room and curled up in my bed, but I couldn't fall back to sleep. I sat up and looked at Logan. He was still asleep… but very restless. He was turning a lot and mumbling, occasionally he letting out whimpering sounds. I figured he was probably having nightmares of what happened just hours before.

He needed a hug!

I got up and wrapped my arms around him and rubbed his back like the woman in my dream did. Ok, maybe not the best idea ever, considering he is really sweaty. Though, he calmed down. I started to let go when, without warning, he wrapped his arms around me and clung to me for dear life.

I inhaled sharply.

Ok… nope, not awkward at all. He's still asleep right? Yup. Great. Just brilliant, Celeste. What was that about no hanky-panky? But, damn, it feels good. I don't think I want to let go! Oh god! What if he wakes up!

I gently tried to back away. He loosely released his grip. As his arms fell from my shoulder, one of his hands brushed against my breast. I screamed.

"Oh my god!"

I jumped back into my bed and shut my eyes tight. After a few seconds, I glanced up. He was still asleep.

Good. Lord. Or whatever Supreme Being is out there. I should have smacked him! But… it's not like he meant to grab my chest! He didn't even grab me really. If anything, I should be smacked. But still! I'll bet, if he were awake, he would have enjoyed it! Pervert!

There was a nock at the door and I screamed and fell off the bed.

I see death in the near future of whoever is behind that door… Oh, hey Johanna, Eve, and Darren… is it just me or do these cookies taste like cyanide… you should try some.

"What do you want?"

Johanna glared, "Fine. I guess you don't want this fresh, warm, buttery, blueberry muffin."

I bowed to them and called them my gods. I'd give a human sacrifice for a muffin.

"Come on in, but be quiet because Logan is still asleep."

Johanna landed on my shoulder and whispered, "Get me away from Eve! She is acting like a lovesick chicken!"

I giggled and she continued aloud, "And since when did you care if Logan was asleep, awake, or even alive?"

"Since when should I not care? He is a living thing with feelings."

Johanna gawked at me.

"A weed is a living thing and has no feelings. They are exactly the same. Wait! Are you guys going out? Is that why you skipped dinner last night? You are such an idiot!! You can't entrust your heart to one of them! They just end up ripping it to shreds!"

"And how would you know?"

I stared at her intently. I could tell that she knew I know. She glared.

"We have to go. Ariella wasn't at dinner or breakfast either. Hopefully she hasn't gone stark raving mad like you have. Have fun with your new boyfriend.

Johanna stormed out. Darren gave me a quick hug and followed with Eve in his wake.

"Fine! But I'll talk to you later!" then as an afterthought, "And we're not going out!"

I looked back at Logan… still asleep.

That guy would sleep through anything.

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