Our hearts are spilled out on the solid ground.
Your pain is like a poison in which I drown
as you step on everybody and pride yourself in misery
and the children hold their pillows tight
when you burst in alone at night.
The bloodstains in the room hold so much history
but you can't deny or give me a reason behind all your excuses.

I've got a match and a lighter
and I'm preparing to set you on fire.
The hatred in this house can burn the walls down
and the ashes read that things should not have turned out this way.

So clear your ears and blind your eyes.
I'd be calling for attention,
but your cries remind me: not today.
I've either got hope or a sick imagination;
watch you slither in your sleep from all the nightmares,
haunted in the night and day.
I know I have to get away
but I know that I can't if you give me a reason.

The light bulbs are burnt out and daytime slowly fades to black
and now is when the beat comes, churning slowly to attack.
I don't want your old excuses.
I've heard every last one and I don't see
how you think you're believed and loved,
that you deserve to breathe.
How could you let it get this way?
How did it come to this? Everything turns out badly.
I never promised I wouldn't turn away.

You give me no choice.
I don't want to be a part of this anymore.
I'll say goodbye if I'm permitted
to a pending doom called destiny.
No hurtful tears, no crime committed,
but promise me you'll burn for all eternity.