On this page, I say my last goodbye

The last refrain of a hollowed out soul

Nothing makes sense now, it's all gone gray

Turned my life into a spinning Hell

On this page, my last chorus is sung

Here among those who know I'm not crazy

Surrounded by those who saw me through

And shunned by those who didn't care

I submit to the beast, the burden on my shoulders

That which would not go quietly

On this page, my final chapter is written

The long downfall, the everlasting spiral

The last gasp of air before the fiery demise

I wish I could know how I could've turned out

Instead of what I unwillingly became

On this page, my last visit has ended

The grueling hours spent in the sterility of white rooms

In the padded couches of all doctors

Surrounded by endless diplomas which,

Though sweated and bled to achieve,

Couldn't come close to my torment's true manifest

On this page, the last pill is swallowed

The medications given to shut me down and turn me off

The pills blindly given so nothing would work

So if it couldn't be found, everything could be stopped

And it would die along with everything else

On this page, my casket is closed

I just couldn't live the way I had turned out

'A permanent solution to a temporary problem'

They have no idea;

Unable to look them in the face

Unable to connect

Unable to eat, unable to sleep

Lost in my thoughts

Terrified of my dreams

Held hostage by what I wanted most

On this page, my love is expended

My parents never knew, I couldn't tell them

They wanted to know, they asked, even pleaded

But they don't see the things I see

And don't feel the terror I feel

And I'm so afraid without them

But they couldn't comfort me anymore

On this page, my apologies are sobbed on shoulders

My final admittance of the destruction I endured

It was all a misunderstanding, a simple idea

Though nothing is simple anymore

On this page

I say my last goodbye

The sorry end to a life not lived

I could've been all I dreamed

But was swallowed by what I could not control

So as I ascend into the Earth


That I am only an example

And not a foretelling