It was in her to fill his every desire. It was in her to be the everything that he had always dreamed about. It was in her to serve him with everything that she had to give, until the end of time.

Her rights were based on what he gave and that was not much. For above everything he desired respect and money. To him she was simply an object; an object that had no value or meaning. She existed merely to serve and fulfill his every want and need.

Her own desires were cast away like yesterday's garbage and in replace she concentrated solely on him with every fiber of her being.

Her days consisted of sewing, cooking, and the utmost lady like things she was required to do by him. Free time for her was luxury and only occasionally could she sneak a moment away from his malicious and nasty guards. They were constantly around her making sure she never stepped out of line.

In the light of day her husband was a gentle and kind man. "The guards are only for your protection," he would whisper. He would kiss her cheek gently and then walk away as if nothing had ever been said.

It was however a different man who came to her room to lie beside at night. His grip on her body was hard and there was no longer any care and concern in his eyes. The sweet countenance he had with every one else was far gone in the darkness of night.

She would lie awake for most of the night, the sheets covering her body. Tears would spill over her eyes and run down her cheeks without relenting.

On occasion, however, her husband was away on business or simply entertaining other offers. In this time she herself would enjoy the peacefulness of the night. She would entertain the idea of freedom, if but for only a brief moment.

Occasionally Paco, one of the guards would come and join her. He was nicer to her than the others, and he would occasionally stick up for her if one of the guards was getting a little too close to her.

It was the worst secret she had ever kept from her husband, but for own sake and for Paco she had to keep her mouth shut. If her husband ever suspected anything it would be a sad morning of death for and her lover.

"Run away with me," Paco would whisper as she lay across the white linen sheets, her hair tussled and her soft pink lips swollen from his kisses.

"Someday," she would reply back with a smile as she ran her fingers through his brown curly locks of hair.

She never even considered running away, because she knew the penalty. Immediate death would be the consequence if she took such a risk as running away.

It was perhaps her destiny to be a woman of mystery. She was day one way and by night another, living two lives. She would give anything for her freedom, and death would be the ultimate sacrifice.