Keeping me as a dream,

I forget

Who am I, and who are you.

There is a carnival in the distance

Flashing with artificial light,

And I hate

that it attracts me, this fake fluorescence.

Hate it.

And still, the clowns are too merry to be real,

And you love me too much for me to love you back.

(at least not that way; you see,

the balance is too fine,

And I

am too afraid of breaking it.)

The mirrors in the house are really warping

(I always thought it was a myth)

And I've become something I cannot recognize.

Too long, too fat, too wide and too blushing,

Something too entwined with you.

You remain a nightmare in this maze,

Only beautiful, and charming, and all the more a monster.

(though I mean no offense, really, only

to state the truth of the matter)

The time slips through the silver ring, and I find you looking at me

With those bright angel eyes,

And the moon behind in ghoulish testimony.


Reach over to pat my hand

And suddenly, I recoil.

My jumping back only leads you

To leap forward,

And I see the ravenous look in your eye,

And I am


Late-nights lead to idiosyncrasy.