River Of Dreams

By Storm December

Disclaimer: This is MINE do NOT use without MY permission!

In a River's dreams, we all have peace

Among animals and friends, people and trees

No one kills another for shoes, or skin color

No one kills an animal to wear, or to eat


We don't cut down forests, for stupid parking lots

And tell people lies, to cover it up

No one in the world, would ever have to die

Because they feel it's too much, and take their own life

Tears of joy, would be the only tears we'd see

In the eyes of people, on the streets

We'd help each other out, when ever we could

And go that extra mile, to do some good


But I guess the dreams died, when the river ran dry

To bad we all didn't realize, what he was saying in time

'Cause it probable would have helped, a heavy heart cry

Dedicated to River Phoenix.