You Dropped Me

by Mark Polanis

You had me

by the wrist

Curled over the canyon

after I'd fallen

to the darkness

You reached down

without regard for yourself

And I listened to your words

When I began to see the light

when you said "I love you"

You had me

You had me right there

and you dropped me months later

as if that moment meant less

then you made it out to

You had me at "I love you"

and you dropped me to the abyss.

I sit here in spirit

my body broken

long since stopped bleeding

and I look up to the ceiling

of the darkness

and I shout my forgiveness

You had me at "I love you"

but you let it go.

Though I can't stop

playing it in my head

wondering if it was me

I know that its for the better

You'll find Him soon enough

You had me, until you didn't need me anymore

and then you Dropped me.