The crushing dark surrounds me

Pushing, pulling, suffocating

Visions of pain and sorrow

Are my only companions

How long til I become

Just a wraith myself,

My entire being enveloped

Just the darkest part of my soul remaining

I pray that all's a nightmare

But my protectors have abandoned me

I am in hell.


My sobs go unnoticed

The unearthly screams ignored

Panic threatens like poisonous smog

I refuse to give in

I will not be trapped

The few still fresh state

That there are ways of escape

But none have hope left


My thoughts retreat

To the shelter of my mind

The loved ones that never gave me up

Though I had long fallen

But that I could have a whisper

Of voices I so long ignored


I belong here more than I realized


I stop fighting

Feel the darkness's glee

Through the haze a clear echo

Of a scene, so long ago

Her love still reached for me

Even here in this place


My depression had peaked

My sorrow consuming

"When all is darkened

And hope has fled

You must look to yourself

And find your own light"

How I had scorned her wisdom

And oh, how it had cost me


My un bearable pain doubles

I had lost her, again, forever

I cry for her now

Forgive me, my light

I love you


In furious defeat

The darkness screams