As the sun opens the chapter

On a brand new day

I awaken to myself – alone –

He once was here, but now he's not.

Our love was supposed to last forever,

Candy-coated in endearments and silver linings,

But a new girl came, and took him away,

And now I'm here – heartbroken and cold.

I wrap the blanket of our former love,

Around myself to keep warm,

But it doesn't work – he's too long gone,

And my heart has frozen to death.

My choices are not the best,

As I try to vie for him back.

I fight fire with fire, but my flames are doused

By his chilly words

I try to make him see

How much I still need him,

Want him,

Desire him,

But it doesn't work.

Oh, Cupid, o Eros,

How can you be so cruel?
I was his Venus, his Aphrodite,

His one and only Beauty.

I try to speak, but my lips don't move

I try to walk, but my legs are stiff

I try to love, but my heart is afraid

I try again, but the feelings are gone.

Eros, Cupid, has cursed me –

Will I ever love again?

Will his arrows remain true,

And fix themselves on the one

Whom my heart desires?

I am Aphrodite, Venus,

To someone else's heart.

I do not know of his face yet,

But I pray that he will wait for me.