Chapter Two – Remember My Name

Alex's breath came in short bursts. They were back. They were back and she was strapped to a chair, bolted to the freaking floor. She looked straight ahead, waiting for Dr. Nimrichter to come back into this cold dark room with the men. Fear gripped her gut, and her palms were sweaty.

Nothing could be heard from outside as her doctor talked with the men. She whimpered and twisted in her chair. The faces of those men flashed through her mind. They hadn't come to see her since they put her in this hole. Telling the doctors she was a mental case with schizophrenia and hallucinations, they shut the doctors up with thousands of dollars worth of funds towards the center. She squirmed in her seat and shook herself against the straps that bound her.

The door creaked open, and she stilled, staring straight ahead with heavy breathing. Dr. Nimrichter came into her line of vision and she started. The bland look upon the doctor's face was altogether too normal. She couldn't ever get under the woman's skin if she remained so indifferent to her patients.

"Alex, there's someone here to see you. His name is Mr. Geoff Bryant. He's here to ask you a few questions. Will you see him?"

She didn't respond.

The doctor straightened and turned towards the man in the doorway, his shadow etched itself in the halo of light upon the opposite wall. He was tall and skinny but broad in the shoulders.

"She's here, Mr. Bryant, but I'm not sure how much she's here. Her mind tends to wander. And if she doesn't answer your questions, I'm sorry but that is all you'll get from her."

The shadow on the wall nodded its head and Dr. Nimrichter left them alone in the dark cold room with the bolted door.

She could hear the man's clothing swish as he moved quickly towards her. Why were there two visitors in one day? No one ever came to visit her. The man came around the table and sat down smoothly. His briefcase thudded on the steel table top; the noise resounded through the empty air.

A moment passed as the man shifted through papers, studying their content. "I am Mr. Bryant," the man said without lifting his eyes, thumbing through more papers. "I understand you call yourself Alex Kane." A pause. "Don't worry; I'm not here to ask you any questions as your dear doctor said."

Alex stared at the man's hands. He wasn't one of those men. He smelled different, not the unpleasant scent of stale cheese. But then, who was he?

He continued, glancing up to look at Alex's face, "Your file says that you have no immediate family, home address, or birth date. Those are curiosities to me, and trust me when I say that I am by no means a curious man. You know the cliché 'curiosity killed the cat.' I live by that rule."

"Why are you here?"

The question startled Mr. Bryant. He wasn't expecting any response from the silent barmy girl across the table. Scrambling for words, he shuffled his papers and cleared his throat.

Slowly he came to a decision and his fingers stilled from their frantic dance. "I work for a man who is very keenly interested in you and your survival," he whispered and gave a sad smile. "But I cannot discuss it."

"Are you afraid of them, too?" she whispered back, leaning forward in her chair. The leather straps drew tight against the pressure.

Mr. Bryant held her gaze for a long moment without saying a word. His eyes spoke of uneasiness and uncertainty, but fear was absent. Alex understood. He wanted to say more, but he couldn't. The room had microphones. His fingers began prancing again as he took up a pencil. His gaze fell to the desk and Alex's eyes followed. He was writing something.

He slid the paper across the table.

It is not them you need fear. Remember my name.

Alex looked back up and jumped in fright. He was gone! Vanished into thin air. She looked from side to side and screamed out for help. She heard the bolt at the door crash open and guards rushed in, weapons at the ready.

"He isn't here! Where did he go?" Alex screamed at the guards. "Where did you put him? Give him back! I wasn't done talking to him! Give him back NOW!"

A needle stuck her in the neck and she quietly lost consciousness. The last thing she saw was a blank piece of paper on the desk before her. Dr. Nimrichter stood over her, needle in hand, and a grim frown upon her brow.

To be continued...


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