Farewell to a Friend

You don't even matter,

So I shouldn't care.

Things would be so much better

If you weren't there.

You mess up everything you can,

I want you out of my life..

You've betrayed me so many times,

Constantly stabbed me with a knife.

So this is what it's come to,

You take mine and I'll take yours..

These feelings will never settle,

Inside ourselves, a constant war.

When all your friends have left you

And you wonder what's the cause,

Take a look in the mirror..

Only then will you see your flaws.

Maybe everything happens for a reason,

Now you'll move on and leave us behind.

I wish for you to one day be content with

happiness you may or may not find.

But for now, our journey is over..

We've reached the end and there's no turning back

When all your friends have left you,

I hope you find the conscience you lack.

Maybe everything happens for a reason

And it's true that life isn't fair,

But you don't even matter..

So I don't really care.