My little friend,

You've left forever.

You left me behind to cry.

I thought you'd be here,

For me everyday.

I thought that you'd never leave.

I miss you so much,

My little friend.

I'll never see you again,

But that doesn't mean,

That I'll forget you.

My dear, dear friend,

I love!

A/N: Well… a few weeks ago my doggie died of old age. Well, really he's more like my ex-dog cause I had to give him away when I went to Taiwan in second grade. Anyways this is for that doggie, which I used to call Lucky. You know what sucks though? My mom lied to me when I asked her where Lucky was at. She said that he just wasn't there at the guesthouse at that time. Apparently he's been dead for a while and my parents didn't even bother to tell me! But anyways I'll always remember Lucky.