Rainbow tear and drop of rain

So much less and so much pain

Technicolor smile and black heart

A little bit funny but a little bit smart

Straight A's and a single friend

Immature right to the end

Slight struggle and a little fight

A dark world and a cry for light

Dead end and the color of blood

The sound of pain and a taste of mud

Bittersweet success and a call for help

A broken heart and a low-pitched yelp

I see the sparkles drop to the ground

They twirl and dance and spin around

Like the pleasures for which we greedily search

An act of the devil, then back to church

Frolic, smile and act so fake

Filled to the brim with the lives you take

We all wear a transparent mask

We're cursed with this dreadful task

Of bending truth to fit our need

So fond of life and full of greed

Murderous red, filled with rage

Love locked tightly in its cage

Will it ever escape; I do not know.

Time flies so fast but ticks so slow

It falls like the sand trapped in the hourglass

But, as always, this too will pass

We will all move on, fallen to dust

Our lungs may stop and our hearts may rust

But one thing to count on is sin

From the evil dwelling within

Our minds and bodies, especially the soul

It's the only thing that makes you whole

A negative, a positive, you come out flat

Wait an inning; you'll be up to bat

A bruised ego and a crying dream

Ripped apart at the seam

Look on the bright side. You could be me.