I refuse to say goodbye to my lies

We all strive for depth but we all fall short

You can try as hard as you want to

But when you fail, don't crawl to me

I've lost all my sympathy, empathy

I can't put myself in your shoes

Perfection and deception go hand in hand

Slip through our minds and wash it dry

Identity crisis, who am I again?

A fiery dance in the sky

Swirling, twirling, twisting

Proving me wrong once again

You should already know why

I'll try to tell you for the last time

It is what it is, nothing else

It's hard to accept but I know you can

It's difficult to let go but you have to, someday

The loop-de-loop will throw you off

You'll never find me, never!

I cannot drop this veneer

I was born with it

And I'll die with it

When the sun eclipses and the moon shines

When darkness takes control

You'll see it, o! You'll see it!

You shall understand my queer reasoning, my crazy little thought process

Then you'll regret all those things you said to me

Someday I'll always be right.