Author's Note/Dedications

I guess this is the place where the words stop. The story doesn't feel complete, which I guess is a good thing. It would be a shame to have a story contradict its own message. Still, if this bothers any of you, I think I might have more to say about Kaylee and her cowboy in the future. There's too much I never had the time to develop in "The Only God on the Windowsill."

As far as dedications go, be prepared for a long list. There are a lot of people who played significant roles in the shaping of this story, directly or indirectly. Besides, I like thinking that I could brighten the days of a few people by attaching their name to this. Or, at least, get them to smile. Anyways, here's the list:

Dancingladybird, for being the first reviewer.

Locus, for his insight.

Lccorp2, for reviews that made me gnash my teeth and curse, but who helped improve my writing. At least, I hope. It's really up to her to decide.

Breana, for sticking with the story.

Lightning-Strike-808, for trying something new.

Ninja and CoSaCo, for putting up with my rambles.

Professor Welburn, for an enlightening and inspiring Native American lit class.

SteelKitsune, whose story I still need to read.

Pheobe Meryll, for the most enthusiastic and cheerful reviews I've ever read.

And Katie, for inspiration and friendship.