Friendship; a sentimental bond between two people. As humans we encounter cases of friendship throughout our lives; whether we are active participants or not. Personally, I have three qualities in specific that are crucial for a friendship to last with me. The first quality is honesty. The second quality is trustworthiness. The third quality is loyalty. From my previous experiences I have come to learn that these are three qualities in particular that I look for in a friend.

Honesty has always been a very crucial factor in my life. In order to maintain a well balanced friendship one must be honest, and in return I will be honest to them. If honesty is lost in a friendship then truth is lost as well. In order to create or maintain a friendship with me, personally, one must be honest, no matter how bad or hurtful the truth may be.

Trust: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. In a friendship one should be able to trust. Trust is the foundation of a friendship; without it a stable friendship just cannot be. Trust is the glue that holds together friendships of all colors, shapes, and sizes. To have no trust in a friendship makes for an akward relationship; one that might as well not be.

Loyalty is one of many qualities that are desirable in a friendship. To have a loyal friend is to have a trustworthy companion. Loyalty in a friendship is like dressing for a salad; one can do without it but everything is much more dull. Loyalty is a trait that I feel all people should have; in or out of a friendship.

Friendship effects everyone, whether one wants to admit it or not. Personally, when I am looking for new friends I keep in mind three qualities important to me. I look for honesty in a friend to make sure we will be able to maintain truth in our friendship. I make sure one can trust and be trusted in a friendship. One must be loyal in order to enable the satisfaction of the friendship to its fullest. These are all important qualities in a friend and friendship.