Break Free

"The choice is up to you," he says,
But when has it ever been?
Sure, small decisions are forced to be made by us,
But the opposite holds true for the others.

He claims he is a democrat,
But he really is a dictatorial tyrant.
He always speaks of one thing,
But, on the other hand, does another.

He expects me to be what I'm not,
And all I know to do is to obey.
Yet what price such an obedience,
That brings along such hate?

One thing always on my mind,
Is "will I ever break free?"
If it is to happen,
Only I can make it be.

But where do I start?
But what do I do?
But what chances do I have
To survive in one piece?

It is all in my dreams,
It is all in my thoughts.
But I pray for the strength everyday,
For it to come true…eventually.

– Finis –