By Storm December

Disclaimer: This is MINE do NOT use without MY permission!


Love me, hate me

Hurt me, save me.

You go, come back.

You stay to act.

Move faster slowly,

Move backwards knowing.

I'm not the same; you're not the same,

We're not the same as yesterday.


Rewind the tape to turn back time,

To find the life I left behind.

Who you were when we first met,

The Romeo to my Juliet.

What a complete waste of breath.

But you can't see the logic in that.

Create the pain to conquer death,

You find me slightly out of it.


Forward stop, the tape is set.

We're back to when I most regret,

The place and time where we first met.

It's different now though, I can tell.

I didn't erase our minds as well.

We remember everything,

The future held.

But I'm still gone,

And you're still unwell.


The love, the hate

The hurt, the save

And I broke the button

To time and space.

You go, come back.

You stay to act.

We reap, we sow.

We laugh, we know.

We're stuck, we came

Full circle again.

We're on replay,

The song's the same.

We traveled through,

Our past again.

And yet we end,

With nothing changed.