"3 minutes to go, tapping my foot and my

Giggle box is turned upside down

Heels catching on the lace of my dress




Doing the very thing no one thought we could

White roses and camo clothes

He s m i l e s

And tries not to cry, taking my hand from my father's,



To our moment, our tomorrow that's meeting today

The clock spins

Cameras flash


My life, his life, becomes one

E n t w i n e d

With two rings and clasped hands

And then it really hits me;

We never gave up on us.

'I'll always be the one beside you, baby.'"

5/3/2006 10:26

Author's Note: My grandpa told me my "giggle box was turned upside down" because I couldn't stop laughing during the ceremony...and Jarrett looked like he was about to cry during the entire thing...It went by so fast! Thanks for reading!