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Chapter 1



A brunette girl sat inside her black car, parked right in front of a house. She leaned forward to see if someone had already left the house, but no. Silence ruled the street. Well, it was already late and no one was on the street. Probably lots of kids were at home already sleeping, since tomorrow was going to be their first day of school.

For the first time ever, Samantha was going to the same school her brother, Aaron, since hers has closed due to some unknown reasons. It wasn't going to be good for her because she knew Aaron would always be behind her back, to protect her. She was seventeen. Was it so hard to believe she could take care of herself?

Suddenly, she heard a door opening and that pulled her back to reality. Her friend Kalli was walking towards her car as she dialled something on her cell. "You never let go of that, do you?"

"Of course not." Kalli replied when she got in the car and looked at her best friend, Samantha Lashley.

Samantha was a tall girl, with a body she had no complaints about; dark green eyes, reddish lips, tan skin and long, dark-brown hair.

"Is Luke going to be there?" Samantha asked as she started the car. Luke was Kalli's boyfriend; they have been dating for almost one year. But now, with their school closed, they went to different schools, so Kalli and Luke couldn't see each other that often.

"I think so." Samantha immediately looked at her best friend, Kalli Holmes.

Her hair was also waved, almost curly, but unlike Samantha's, it was black and it was longer. Her skin was also darker than Samantha's and she was taller than Samantha. As for the body, they both had similar structures. Samantha knew Kalli since kindergarten and they have been best friends since.

"Which means I am going to dance by myself, hum?" Her green eyes were on the road, so Samantha didn't see Kalli's expression.

"Oh come on, Sam…" Kalli rolled her eyes, "It's not like that's something unusual to you. You always dance alone, so what's the big deal?"

"I thought we were going to celebrate our last night of vacations together!"

"Sam… You know that when school starts, Luke and I won't have time for each other… We'll go to the club together, really, tomorrow, ok? I know we will be in school already, but I'll make it up to you, ok?"

"Sure. Besides…" She avoided looking at Kalli when she said, "If I were still with Jack… I know you would understand, too." The thought of Jack made her so sad…

"Stop talking about Jack, Sam. That happened almost one year ago. It's time to have fun. Why don't you dance with some-"

"Don't even finish that sentence, Kalli. You know damn well I don't do those things." Both Kalli and Samantha laughed, " What about your brother?"

"Aaron?" Samantha laughed. "You know him, Kalli. He's at home." Samantha's brother was the type of guy who liked to stay at home, although he didn't waste a good night of fun with his best friends.

"Of course he is, how silly of me to ask that." Kalli laughed, "I just haven't seen him for a while and I thought he would be at the club tonight." After Kalli finished that sentence, Samantha remembered the times when Kalli had had a crush on her brother Aaron.

"Yeah, but I'm glad he didn't come. I hate going out at night with him. He doesn't let me do anything. Anyways, we're here." Samantha parked the car and then, both girls got out of it.

They looked at each other and laughed. Samantha said, "Well, let's enjoy our last night of vacation." With that said, they both walked towards the entrance of the club; Extreme.


A blond boy sat on some couches between the bar and the entrance of the club called Extreme. He had a drink in his hands, already half drank. His clear emerald green eyes, watched the people around him and the people dancing on the dance floor. His built body was covered up by some jeans and a green shirt, that made his tanned skin and his green eyes pop out. Unlike his Spanish family, Dave was the only one who was blond and with the exception of his mother, he was the only one with green eyes.

"What's up man?"

Dave lifted his head and saw one of his best friends looking at him.

Dave knew Matt since ever because they lived near each other but, they had only become best friends when Dave's class and Matt's class became one in the ninth grade. It was there when Dave also met another guy who had become his ultimate best friend, Aaron.

"What are you doing all by yourself? Where's Kerry?"

Matt had the same height than Dave, but a less built body. His hair was brown and at jaw length. His eyes were hazel, more to the brown side and his skin wasn't as tanned as Dave's.

"At home. We had a fight." He drank a little more of his drink.

"Another one?" Matt laughed, "What was it about this time?"

"Someone told her I slept with that girl from the other class. You know her; she's like seventeen, red hair…"

"What did you say?"

"I said it was a lie."

A nasty smile crossed Dave's lips and made Matt laugh, "You filthy liar! I can't believe Kerry is still with you after knowing you cheat on her so many times. You're either a good liar or she really loves you."

"Both." He winked his green eye towards Matt and laughed. It's not that Dave didn't really like Kerry because he did, they were dating since last year, but sometimes Dave would just get sick of her, so he would have some affairs with some of the girls he knew. That would make him be good with Kerry again.

"You intend to have some fun tonight?"

"Oh yeah," Dave smiled, "Just the thought of going to school tomorrow… Man, it sucks."

"You bet. Thank god I'm not working tonight. It would be so boring if I had to serve all of this people tonight…" Matt was one of the barmen who worked at the Extreme, but luckily, tonight was his night off. "Oh, I almost forgot, have you heard about Annah and Aaron?"

"Yeah, Kerry told me Annah revealed she liked Aaron. Big secret." He said, his voice filled with irony, "Everybody knows that, Matt."

"I know, but it was the first time Annah has really declared herself. Do you think Aaron likes her too?"

"I don't know." Aaron was the type of guy who would like to date a calm girl, who'd like to have fun, but not in a very exaggerating way, just like himself, so, just with this reason, Annah wasn't Aaron's type. "Aaron's the one who knows that, not me."

"Yeah, but…" Dave seemed to stop listening to Matt when he sighted a girl walking into the Extreme. One he had never seen in the Extreme or in school.

Her long dark brown hair fell over her shoulders and down her back and her green eyes seemed to be gazing at the dance floor. She was wearing a white top that accentuated her tanned skin and a skirt that showed off her glowing legs. She was attractive. Probably younger than him for sure, maybe seventeen, sixteen… She didn't look much older. Still, she seemed good enough for him to have fun with tonight. He needed to let go of some steam after the fight he'd had with his girlfriend and that girl seemed to be good enough for this night.

"…Anyways, I don't really care about Aaron now. He's always at home. I can't possible understand why he didn't come with us, tonight. He should be here with us, having fun on our last night before school's start."

"Yeah, well, you know how Aaron is." Dave was still looking at the girl. She seemed to have entered with another girl, but that one was already wrapping her arms around a guy. If Dave had any luck tonight, that girl would be available for him.

Suddenly, someone punched his arm. "At least look at me when I'm talking, man." Dave turned his head at Matt, "I know I'm no girl, but don't leave me talking to myself. That really gets on my nerves."

"Sorry, man." Dave smiled, "I was just choosing someone to have fun with tonight." After watching a smile appearing in Matt's lips, Dave tried to see where that girl had gone. Unfortunately for him, he had lost her.

But that meant nothing to him. He had already chosen her. It was just a matter of time until he found her when he wanted to start having some fun.


"Let's sit over here." A brown eyed, seventeen year old guy said, "We're near the bar and the dance floor."

"Sure." Kalli said. She waited for Luke to sit down and then, she sat over his lap. As for Samantha, she sat in the opposite couch, where she could face Luke and Kalli.

Luke was different tonight. His hair was shorter, yeah that must be it. As for the rest, he was the same. His bright brown hair still wore the same hairstyle, his brown eyes were looking at Kalli, like always, and he was wearing the same clothes Samantha had seen that afternoon.

Her friend Kalli seemed to have noticed that, "Why didn't you change clothes?"

"I didn't had time, baby." He kissed her cheek. "Why? Is my shirt dirty or something?"

"No, I was just asking." She kissed his nose and then, leaned her heard on his chest. "You know, I've been thinking about us…" Oh man, was this what Samantha was going to hear for the rest of the night? She came here to have fun! Not to hear her best friend sopping over her boyfriend's chest because they were going to different schools this year.

"Kalli, we've talked about this. My mother wants me to stay in that school. I've had really huge fights with her about this…" Luke put his hand over her hair. "We'll see each other on the weekend and in our free time…"

Free time that Samantha also wanted to spend with her best friend. She liked Luke, really, but he occupied way too much of Kalli's free time. Still, she didn't complain, Kalli was happy.

She remained seated for a while, until she started to get bored hearing Kalli and Luke's talks about being far away from each other the whole week. It was like half past midnight, when Samantha got up and said, "I'm going to get a drink."

"Could you bring me one, too?" Luke asked, raising his finger, "A beer, please."

"Bring one for me, too, Sam."

"Sure." She didn't even smile. It had only passed half an hour and Samantha was already bored. After drinking something, she'd forget about Kalli and would go to the dance floor. Like Kalli had said, Samantha usually danced alone. But, sometimes, when she was with more friends, she'd dance in group or sometimes with a guy. But, only with nice ones that didn't seem like perverts.

Samantha arrived at the bar and asked for the two beers and some weird drink she drank the last time she had come to the Extreme. She was the only person of her group who was incapable of drinking beer. It was nasty and tasted really bad. How could people drink that?

As she waited for the beers, Samantha turned around and looked at the people dancing. The DJ was playing some good tracks; she had to dance tonight. As she closed her eyes, she completely erased everything from her mind. When she was listening to music or dancing, she completely forgot about everyone and everything. Dancing, especially, was her way of letting go of some steam.

Suddenly, a masculine voice said right in her ear, "Feeling the music?"

She opened her eyes immediately and turned her head. Her eyes met another pair of bright green eyes looking at her. Who was this guy? "Hum… Yeah." She answered, as she turned towards the bar again.

"And waiting for some drinks?"

"Yeah." She looked at her front. The two beers were already there, but hers was still being prepared. The guy kept looking at her, "Do you need anything?"

"No." He replied with a smile, "I was just looking around and came to get some drinks. I saw a pretty girl and I just couldn't not talk to her."

Samantha couldn't help but to laugh, "Oh really? And who's the pretty girl?"

"You, of course."

"Oh, I see. Thanks." Playboy, for sure, Samantha thought.

All of a sudden, the barman yelled something and Samantha saw her drink on his hands. "Thanks." She was going to pay for it, but the guy placed his hand on her back. Samantha lifted her head immediately.

"Please, I'll pay."

"Oh no, thanks, I-"

"I insist." His smile didn't vanish. Ok, he seemed nice. He reached for his wallet and took the money. "Beautiful ladies like you shouldn't pay for what they want."

She was grabbing the drinks when she replied, "Thanks, really. I ah… I'll see you around."

He said nothing, but winked his eye towards her. In fact, Samantha hated when guys did that. It seemed like they really just wanted nothing, but to have fun with women.

When she arrived at the couches where she was before, Luke and Kalli were trading some humid kisses. She still sat over him, but this time, Luke's hands were on her back, ready to slide down. At first, Samantha said nothing, but as time passed and they didn't noticed her, she had to call them. It was embarrassing, really.

"Here are the drinks." She delivered them, "By the way, they were free."

"Oh really?" Kalli's eyes locked hers, "Who was the gentleman?"

"Some guy I have never seen in my entire life." She laughed as she said that. "But yeah, he was a gentleman." Only that he wasn't the first one that had paid for Samantha's drinks. A lot had done that before, but she really didn't care about them. They were just guys who wanted to have fun for one night. Sometimes Samantha would dance with some of them, sometimes she wouldn't. It depended on how nice they seemed. Still, she never stayed with them for too long.

"I see." Kalli smiled and turned at Luke once again. "You should pay for my drinks, too."

"That gentleman has already done that." There was Luke's jealousy again. Samantha simply couldn't see how Kalli could put up with that. Samantha hated when guys were like that.

"Stop, Luke. I was just… talking to Sam. I didn't say it in that way." She heard Kalli saying.

Samantha started drinking at the same time she sat down and listened to Luke and Kalli's little fight. The music was loud, but she could still hear them fighting. Lately, it would take little to make Kalli and Luke fight. But it would also take a little for them to be ok, too.

Time seemed to pass by Samantha without her noticing it, as she watched the people dancing and sometimes she would close her eyes and feel the music. But suddenly, Kalli got up, with Luke, and said, "We're going to dance. You want to come?"

"No, thanks."

"Are you sure?"


"Ok, then. Luke," She grabbed his hand and pushed him when she started walking towards the dance floor, "Let's dance, baby!"

Moments later, they both had vanished onto the dance floor. Now, it was time for Samantha to get up and walk to the dance floor to dance a bit. She didn't accept Kalli's invitation because she knew her friend was just being nice; she wanted to dance just with Luke. Samantha wouldn't dance with them, of course. She preferred dancing alone.

And that was what she did.

She reached the dance floor and people already started pushing her. She hated when the dance floor was this crowded. Still, she didn't care. She stopped the moment she was on a spot that no one seemed to be pushing her. That place was fine for her to dance alone.

As another track started, Samantha started dancing. It was nice one, not too calm and not too loud, perfect for a dance by herself. As always, she closed her eyes and felt the music getting inside her body, making it move at its rhythm. When she was dancing Samantha didn't care about the time, about who was near her or who wasn't. She just wanted to enjoy the moment.

But, after some time dancing, she felt a hand on her arm. She opened her eyes and turned around. It was the guy who had paid for her drinks.

"Hi again." He said with a sensual smile.

"Hi." Was he going to bother her? "You want something?"



"To dance with you." His green eyes locked hers. She tried to avoid them and look for Kalli, but she didn't see her.

"But I-"

"I know you're dancing alone." Had he been watching her? Because if he did that was creepy. "If you're thinking that I've been watching you this whole time, you're wrong. I just… couldn't help but to ask you to dance with me if I saw you again."


"You're not going to deny a dance with me, are you?" He interrupted for the second time. He took a step towards her, making them be just some inches apart. "You've got me in the middle of the dance floor, just looking for you."

This time, she talked way to fast so he couldn't interrupt her, "I don't know. Why should I dance with you?" The track she had been dancing was over.

"Because…" He suddenly placed an arm around her waist and pulled her to him, "You just can't refuse a dance with me." His smile was irresistible, but his manners were way too provocative.


"Don't say anything. You know you'll end up dancing with me no matter what you say."

"Oh, really?" She felt his other arm settle on her back, too. As for hers, she gave up the moment she wrapped her arms around his neck. "I don't like the way you asked me to dance with you, but… I give up."

A second later, another track started. "I'm Dave, by the way." Dave… Her brother had a friend named Dave. But, from what she knew… that Dave had a girlfriend. So, this Dave probably wasn't her brother's friend. There were more Daves in her city. Besides, she would in no way dance with a friend of her brother.

"Nice to meet you." She wouldn't give her name so easily.

He lowered his head a bit and their noses almost touched, "The pleasure is mine." And he didn't insist. Nice. Samantha usually wasn't this… easy to dance, but he seemed nice and convinced her to dance with him, so… Besides, he didn't seem the perverted type. He seemed more of the playboy type, but still… a nice playboy. But Samantha wasn't going to let herself be fooled by a playboy. She would just let him dance with her. There was nothing wrong with that, right?

That was exactly what she did. She danced with him for a while, not very close to him, of course. Still, he didn't try to get close to her either and that made her think twice about naming him a playboy. Not all of the handsome guys that paid drinks were playboys… And this, seemed like one of them.

"You're really feeling the music, hum?" Dave suddenly asked when he lowered his head and Samantha felt his breath on her neck and ear. She lifted her head and looked at him. He was taller than her. Way taller. Or maybe she was just way shorter. Dave could touch the top of her head with his chin.

She had to admit, he had beautiful green eyes. "Yes, I am. Don't you like dancing?"

"Yes, but not much as you." She saw him laughing as the track they had been dancing for the last couple of minutes ended.

The stood there, looking at each other, as no track was playing. They were like two feet away from each other and since they didn't know one another, the atmosphere started to become uncomfortable.

"I think I should go home or sit down for a while or something…" She pulled her hair back and looked at her feet. She hated these weird moments.

Samantha was going to pass by him, but when this certain track started, she felt Dave's arms on her waist once again, "What the…?"

"I'm not going to let you go now that this particular track has started. I think you're going to love it."

Samantha gazed at him, almost lost in that intense green. She couldn't move. She listened to the music and it was, indeed, really good for her to dance. But with a guy… It had too much meaning to dance with a guy.

I lose all control when I see you

Standin' there in front of me

Your style, your clothes, your hair

You fair woman, you look so sexy

The way you wine and, the way you dance

And the way that you twist and turn your waist

Leaves me wantin', leaves me yearnin'

Leaves me feelin' for a taste…

He didn't let her go, not even when she started moving her body to see if his hands would let her body move freely. Instead, he started moving his body too, although not as much as Samantha.

When the chorus came, he sang for her in her ear, "Before the end of the night, I wanna hold you so tight, you know I want you so much, and I'm so tempted to touch…" His hands were moving around her waist line and back. They could feel the warmth in Samantha's body. She felt the heat in her blood, taking over her emotions…

Tempted to touch, tempted to touch

Little woman, man I need you so much

Tempted to touch, tempted to touch

Once again, Samantha placed her arms around Dave's neck and pulled herself against him, no more length was between their bodies. They couldn't be any closer.

Suddenly, she felt Dave kissing her neck, as he squeezed her against his body. What was this? Such a situation had never happened to her! But the worst was that she was letting him take advantage of her!

She was going to pull him away, when he softly placed his hand on her neck and sang to her again, "Little woman I don't even know your age, but there's something about you girl, when I see you winning in front the stage, please forgive me, please excuse me, but there's nothing else that a man can do, I can't help myself little woman, I just need to be next to you…"

Then, the chorus came again.

She tried to stop, but her heart kept telling her to keep dancing… kept telling her to be where she was. This wasn't herself. She could think, but she couldn't act. The music was driving her crazy and Dave didn't help the situation at all. He'd probably let her go if she wanted to, but he didn't because he knew… she was enjoying all of it.

But, what really drove Samantha crazy was when the bridge started… She was lost in the music and in Dave…

I wanna feel you, I wanna squeeze you

I wanna hug and kiss and caress you

I wanna love you, I wanna touch you

I'll place no one else above you

I wanna feel you, I wanna squeeze you

I wanna touch and kiss and caress you

I wanna love you, I wanna hug you

You know woman I wanna wings of a dove you…

Samantha turned around and lost all of her sense when she started moving her body at the same time as the beat of the track. As for Dave, he was in the same place, feeling Samantha's body glued to his….

She could sense the heat in his body, the sweat on hers…. Her blood was hot, burning her skin….

All of a sudden, Dave placed his hand on Samantha's hips the moment the chorus started again and turned her around.

Before the end of the night

I wanna hold you so tight

You know I want you so much

And I'm so tempted to touch

Tempted to touch, tempted to touch…

Before she could even look at him, Dave placed one hand on her back and another on Samantha's head. Before she could say or do something, she was lost in his kiss.

He explored her mouth like if he was going to lose her, like if he didn't want to lose her taste… Samantha grabbed his shirt, tried to pull him towards her body, but it was impossible to get any closer than what she already was.

Suddenly, Samantha felt something vibrating on her skirt's pocket. Without stopping Dave from keep kissing her, Samantha reached her cell. Then, she tried to say between Dave's kiss, "Dave… Stop…" She put her hands on his abdominal area, feeling his abs, to try and push him away from her.

"Dave!" She yelled out, opening her eyes and leaning her head backwards. He let go of her head, but not of her body, like if he was waiting for more.

Samantha looked at her cell and saw it was already 3AM. She had lost track of time. She had received a text message from Kalli. Apparently, Kalli had had a fight with Luke and wanted to go home. Since it was Samantha who had brought her and it was also Samantha who had to make sure she'd get back home.

"Oh, shit…" She didn't want to go home now… It was still early… She wanted to be with him…

Her sense came back. Her friend was more important than a guy she had met tonight. She had almost lost her mind with Dave's sudden kiss.

"Something wrong?" Samantha looked back at him, his green eyes watching her cell.

"I have to go…"


She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down, "I have to go!" She yelled at his ear.

"Already? Why? Are your friends going home? I can drive you back home if you want!" She didn't need a ride; Kalli was the one who needed the ride….

"No, I… Look, I really have to go." Kalli was already waiting for her at the entrance of the Extreme for sure. "It was a pleasure to dance with you. I have to go now, really. Bye!"

She turned around and felt people pushing her now that another track had started. Samantha wasn't waiting for Dave to push her arm and turn her around to kiss her once again. This was a bit against her principles…. But Dave was… so intense that it was impossible for her to say no the moment he asked her to dance with him.

The kiss was long and Samantha made no effort to stop him… Dave was the one who broke the kiss and asked, "When can I see you again?"

"I don't know…. I have to go, Dave!" Samantha started walking backwards, but Dave kept grabbing her arm. "Tomorrow, maybe…"

That was enough for him to let go of her with a smile. As for Samantha, she couldn't help but to blush, turn around and head back home with Kalli.

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