Chapter 15


Sat on the couch in her living room, Kalli looked at the watch and noticed she'd been waiting for over fifteen minutes now. Aaron had said he'd come to pick her up at 9 PM, but still no sign of him. Well, she wasn't in a hurry anyway.

The results for the Homecoming King and Queen were out and the coronation had been today at the football game. To no one's surprise, Aaron had been crowned King and his Queen had been... Annah, to everyone's surprise.

After Aaron had ditched her from being his date for the Homecoming, Kalli actually thought the school population would vote for someone else to be the Queen, but she was wrong. Even now, they wanted Aaron and Annah together. She couldn't help but to wonder how people would react once they'd see her walk in the gym with Aaron holding her hand. Anyway, she'd try not to care, because all that wouldn't matter. That night would be about Aaron and her. After what he'd said a few days ago when they'd planned to go out with Samantha and Dave, Kalli knew Aaron cared for her.

He'd said they were different. He'd said they were more than friends. So Kalli would try to think about it during the whole Dance other than worrying about the things that could happen when everyone would see she was Aaron's date that night.

Dave would have probably been voted for the King, if Kerry had been on that list as one of the possible Queens. But since she was just a junior like Kalli and Samantha, Dave had been out of the question. Or so that was what Kalli had concluded after the coronation ceremony.

She was feeling tired, but there was still the bonfire to go tonight. After the exhausting day, she still had one other event to go since Aaron and Samantha had convinced her to go, though she knew none of them would be with her the whole time. Aaron would spend his entire time being congratulated and Samantha would probably be with Nick.

Only two days left for the Homecoming Dance, and Kalli was both excited and afraid.

She didn't know what to expect from everyone. She wanted to tell Samantha, in order to have some emotional support, but Aaron had decided to omit it from his sister, and everybody else. If Samantha got angry at her, Aaron better step up to the scene.

All of a sudden, the doorbell rang.

Grabbing her coat, Kalli ran headed for the door. Not even asking who it was, she just opened the door with a shining grin on her face... until she looked at the boy's face and her jaw fell open. "Luke?"

"Hello, Kalli."

Shocked, she managed to say, "W-what are you doing here?" He hadn't called her in days! He hadn't even texted her saying he'd pay her a visit! What the hell was he doing here?

"Just wanted to check on you."

"It's been days since you saw me, and I'm sure you remember the way you left me at the hotel. If you wanted to check on me, you'd have done that earlier." She didn't want him there. Not now. Not when Aaron would be arriving anytime soon to come and pick her up to the bonfire. If both saw each other...

"I know I was an ass, but it didn't mean I wouldn't eventually visit you." Smiling, Luke just stepped inside her house without Kalli inviting him. He looked around here, probably trying to see if her mother - or someone else - was home. But no, she was all by herself. He then turned around and looked at her with his brown eyes. He was beautiful. Just by looking at her, and despite all the fury she felt for him - for what he did to her - he still enticed her to walk up to his arms, even if he didn't want to. "How have you been?"

"Fine." And no thanks to him. She was ok thanks to Aaron. Because he'd been by her side when she'd mostly needed someone. "I'm going out, Luke. This really wasn't a good time to visit me."

"You can't cancel whatever you have to do?" He asked her, "I've finally decided to pay you a visit, and you just dismiss me like that? What happened, Kalli? You don't love me anymore?"

What the hell...? He'd been the one that had caused their breakup! "You know very well that's not true." She still loved him... She hadn't thought about him in a while - thanks to Aaron - but she still liked him... right? Of course. If she didn't, she wouldn't feel her heart ready to pop out of her chest. "Luke, I just-"

"You what? You got a date with a guy or something? Already?" Why was he attacking her this hard? Besides, he was no saint! She'd seen him letting that blonde girl hit all over him when she'd spied on him with Aaron!

"No, I haven't." Aaron didn't count. He'd just been there because she'd needed the emotional support... No, now she was just being cruel. After what Aaron had admitted last time they'd gone out with Dave and Samantha, she knew very well Aaron wasn't there just to give her some emotional support. They were different now. They weren't just friends anymore. He'd said that himself. And she'd believed him, because Aaron didn't lie. "I'm going to a bonfire to celebrate the Homecoming King and Queen. The Homecoming is only on Saturday, but the school decided to celebrate tonight as well, so I'm going to the bonfire at the beach."

"And couldn't you not go?"

"No." She said, still not closing the door. "I'm sorry."

"It's just a freaking bonfire, Kalli. The real Dance is just on Saturday. Can't you miss this one event and be with me this evening so we could talk for a while?" He asked with a frown on his face, angry at her because she wouldn't cancel her plans. Despite that urge she felt to be with him, she ignored it. She wasn't about to do what he wanted when he'd ignored her the whole time!

"You didn't cancel anything to be with me after we broke up, so why would I bother to do something you didn't care about doing for me before?"

Luke just gazed at her. Kalli knew she'd gotten him by the balls now. It was the plain truth anyway. "Ok, you're right."

She folded her arms over her chest, still not closing the door. "What do you want, Luke? Why did you come here?"

Sighing, her ex-boyfriend revealed, "I just came here to ask you if you wanted to go with me to your school's Homecoming."

Her jaw fell open and she didn't catch in time to show Luke she wasn't shocked. Trying to not choke on her own words, Kalli managed to say, "Are you s-serious?"

Luke grinned at her. "I'm serious, baby."

But then she remembered she already had someone to go to the Homecoming Dance... and she wasn't about to disappoint Aaron. Even if in her head she was already imagining what it would be like to walk in that huge gym, all prepared for the Homecoming Dance, wearing that gorgeous dress she'd chosen with Samantha's help, and with Luke by her side, holding her hand.

No, no, no! She couldn't do that to Aaron when he'd been the one that had stayed at her side the whole time! Aaron was the one she'd go with. "I'm sorry, Luke, but I can't."

His face changed immediately, and it now held a frown. She saw the question in his eyes before he even put it into words. "Then with whom are you going?"

And before she could speak, she heard that familiar voice behind her. "With me." Spinning over her heels, Kalli caught Aaron standing right behind her, his eyes on Luke, ready to explode anytime. "Kalli's going with me."

"Aaron..." Damn! Why had he spoken? She wasn't going to tell Luke she was going with him! If she'd said it, Luke would have all the more reason to turn his back on her! Well... he actually had he reason now, since Aaron had opened his big mouth without even consulting her about the issue! Luke was her ex-boyfriend, she should be the one to deal with him, and not Aaron!

"Oh, I see." She noticed Luke straightening his body when she looked over her shoulder. "I guess I actually was right when I broke up with you. It was enough for you to just run back to his arms."

"Luke, it didn't happen that way, I-"

"Kalli, you don't need to say anything. Coming here was a mistake. I thought we could chat a little, go out on Saturday and-"

"And what?" Aaron suddenly interrupted him. "That blonde girl you were hitting on didn't want anything with you? So that's why you came to bother Kalli?"

There was acknowledgement in Luke's eyes, but it was quickly hid under that angry expression. "You know nothing about me and Kalli. What happens between us, it's none of your business."

"Well, it is now!" Aaron shouted at him, stepping once towards her ex-boyfriend. "If it wasn't for me, Kalli would still be crying and sobbing up in her bedroom because you weren't even capable to talk about it with her when you just broke her heart in that stupid and ridiculous way!"

Luke's eyes jumped from him to her. There was nothing she could read on his face. "So you just ran to his arms after we broke up?"

"No, it wasn't like that, Luke!" She turned around and walked up to him. "Things didn't happen that way, we-"

He looked away and shook his head, "I don't want to listen to anything."

And just like that, Luke walked past her and Aaron, and strolled out of her house. She thought about following him, running after him, hell she wanted him back! But her heart told she should do otherwise. Deeply, she knew everything Aaron had said was right, but he shouldn't have said what was in her right to reveal! If there was any chance of Luke wanting her back, he'd probably ruined them all!

"Kalli..." She heard Aaron saying her name when she just dropped her head and closed her eyes. She tried hard not to cry. She wouldn't cry. Luke just couldn't storm into her life like that and hit her that way! Yes, she loved him, but hell, she had pride! "Kalli..."

"I'm fine, Aaron." She said, setting herself straight as soon as she lifted her head to look up at Aaron's blue-green eyes. He'd had good intentions when he'd faced Luke, but then why did she feel that mad about him? Why was she suddenly feeling this fury for Aaron having said things he wasn't suppose to reveal, such as the fact that she was going to the Homecoming Dance with him and that she'd been with him right after Luke had broken up with her.

"Are you sure?"

She nodded.

"You still want to go to the bonfire?"

She didn't. "Yes." Staying at home would only depress her more. Would only make her think about Luke, and she'd probably cry.

"Are you sure?"

She nodded again. "Let's go, Aaron. We don't want to keep the people waiting for their King, do we?" And just like that, she passed by him and walked out of her house, and up to his car. Hell, she felt mad and sad. She felt like lashing out at Aaron and crying over Luke. Deeply, she knew Aaron didn't have any fault, but... what if he'd ruined her chances with Luke?

That didn't matter anyway. If he hadn't shown up, she hadn't even thought about him. All she'd keep thinking of would be about Aaron and what he'd said to her a few days ago. That they were different. That they were more than friends. She kept repeating that mentally. And still, she felt like yelling at Aaron, when she knew he'd had the best intentions.


It was past 22 PM, he was shirtless, feeling hot, dizzy, and yet he was still drinking.

He was probably drunk already, but he didn't care. He seldom got drunk, so why not get drunk tonight? He felt like doing something crazy, but there was nothing interesting enough to entice him to something insane.

The bonfire was boring him, though everyone else seemed pretty interested in talking with people. Jocks, cheerleaders and popular people from school were within their groups, drinking, talking, bullying, hitting on someone, doing stuff. But Dave just stood there, a few feet away from the school's population. The fire was considerably away from him, but he could still feel the heat. He was sweating and didn't care. At least one thing was fine - Kerry wasn't around him. She probably was walking around the place, arms linked with Annah, wiping off her friend's fake tears because his best friend had ditched her.

Oh yes, Aaron had won so he was the Homecoming King... and his Queen was Annah. It made him laugh honestly. Aaron just didn't want anything else with the girl, but she'd still been chosen to be his Queen. All Aaron cared about was Kalli. That, and the fact that he and his sister wouldn't be more than friends.

Thinking about Samantha depressed him. He'd already seen her around the place, but she hadn't noticed him. That was a good thing. He didn't want her to see him that way. Besides, Nick might take advantage of it and come to him. So thank god those two were away from him. But deep inside him... Dave knew he just felt like going straight to Samantha and kiss her. He felt greedy, eager and Samantha was the only one who could possibly calm him down.

Having sex with Kerry wasn't the same thing anymore. He just couldn't be there trying to think of Kerry and doing it with her, when in his mind Samantha's image kept popping. That was sheer torture! Why had he gotten involved with her in the first place?

"Dave?" A familiar voice spoke at his side. Really familiar, but he didn't know who it was, until he actually looked at his side and focused on the brown haired man. "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine, Matt."

"No, you're not." Matt approached him, and tried to reach the beer he held on his hands. Dave just shoved his hand away. "You're drunk, Dave. It's only half past 22 PM and you're already drunk. You never get drunk." That was before he could still keep Samantha away from his mind. But now that he just thought of having her in his arms and pull that bastard Nick away from her, drink seemed one hell of a good way to keep him from doing something insane. Not to mention being drunk stopped him from just lashing out at his girlfriend Kerry.

"I'm ok, dude. I'm not doing anything crazy, am I?"

"No, but don't forget we still have school tomorrow. It's still Thursday." Matt tried to reach his beer again, but Dave stepped away. "You're going to have one hell of a hangover in the morning."

"I don't care." And he really didn't. "Have you seen Aaron?"

"Yeah, he's on the other side of the fire. Everyone's greeting him and all..." Matt trailed off. Because Dave knew he wanted to say something else, he didn't interrupt his friend's reasoning. "You know, Kalli's with him, and to tell the truth, both look mad."

"What do you mean?" Kalli and Aaron mad at the same time? Now that was unusual.

"Yeah. I mean, they try to hide it, but I can see in their faces they're no ok, especially Kalli."

Dave tried to wonder about what had happened, but he was too slow to come up with a good motive tonight. "Let them be."

For a moment, they didn't speak. Dave enjoyed that silence. Well, that somehow silence. He still heard the noises everyone was doing, but they were away from him, and the noise just seemed something in the background. Or maybe that was just him too drunk.

"Nick doesn't let go of Sam, you know."


"He's always behind her, kissing her, grabbing her, not freeing her for one minute. I don't know if she likes the fact that she's being controlled - or that she's even aware of it - but man, that guy gets on my nerves."

"I totally understand you." And because Matt knew all about his relation with Samantha, he'd perfectly understood what he'd meant. "But she's made her choice. That's what she gets for what she wanted."

"She didn't have much of a choice anyway. She can't have you, can she?"

Oh, such poisoned words. Dave wanted her that badly, could have her if he wanted. All he needed was to break up with Kerry, reveal everything to Aaron... and tell Samantha he loved her. Yes. Dave loved her. Hell, he couldn't deny that. He'd tried to ignore that feeling, but he just couldn't. Samantha didn't leave his mind. All he could think of was when he'd have her in his arms again. Maybe... Maybe he'd tell Aaron everything tonight. Yes, he could do that. He could also just break up with Kerry tonight. It would devastate her, but he was sick of her. He couldn't keep dating her when he's mind could only think of Samantha.

Straightening his body, Dave threw the beer away. "I'm going to tell everything to Aaron, Matt. I'm going to break up with Kerry, and I'm going to tell Sam I love her. I'm going to beat the crap out of that shitty Nick, and then Sam and I can be together."

Matt's jaw fell open as those words were heard. "Are you freaking mad, Dave? You want to get killed or something?"

"I'm sick of hiding what I want from everybody, Matt. I want Sam, and I'm going to face both Aaron and Kalli. She'll have me back if I face Aaron and finish everything I have with Kerry. If I'd done that in the beginning... she was probably with me now!" He stepped forward, but Matt was already in front of him with his hands on his shoulders. Wow. Matt had moved and he hadn't even seen him! He wasn't that fast before, was he?

"Dude, you're drunk."


"That's the alcohol speaking for you. The Dave I know would never do such crazy thing. Seriously, can you listen to yourself? Reveal everything to Aaron and break up with Kerry? You're trying to get killed tonight?" Maybe. Then he wouldn't have to worry about being with Kerry and thinking about Samantha. He didn't have to worry about what Aaron thought of his weird relationship with his sister.

"Everything makes perfect sense to me, Matt. If I get over all my problems, Samantha will get back at me. If I talk straight with Aaron, he'll give me permission to date his sister, he-"

Matt slapped him before he could say something else. Eyes wide-open, Dave gazed at his friend. "Stop this shit, Dave. Doing what you're saying will only fuck you."

"Or maybe it will get me Samantha." He tried to step forward, but Matt didn't let him. "Move, Matt."

"Dave, Samantha wouldn't want you to tell Aaron about this. You know how she fears his reactions." His friend pleaded. "Just don't do this."

"I have to!" He yelled, not worried if someone had heard him. If he was going to reveal everything tonight, he didn't care if people heard just parts of what he intended to do. "I want Sam!"

"That's just lust! You love Kerry, you-"

"I'm sick of Kerry!" Dave just shoved his friend away. He might be drunk, but he was still stronger than Matt.

His friend just looked at him. Then, he nodded, "Ok, go tell Aaron all about it. I'll stop you before you even find him in the middle of this people."

"Oh really?" Dave folded his arms over his naked chest. "How are you going to stop me?"

Matt didn't smile. He just set himself straight and said, "Just wait and see." Then, he turned around and left.

Dave smirked. Matt wouldn't be able to stop him from talking to Aaron. He'd ask around and find his friend. It wouldn't be hard. People were probably around his best friend to talk to him and whatnot. So all Dave had to do was to follow the crowd, and he'd find his friend. Then he'd tell Aaron all about what he went through with Samantha since the very first day he'd met her. If he wanted his friend to give him permission like he'd given that son of a bitch Nick, he'd also give permission to Dave. After all, he was his best friend. Dave was sure Aaron trusted him better than he trusted that scumbag. If he didn't... Maybe Dave had been wrong this whole time, and his best friend wasn't Aaron after all.

He shook those thoughts off his head. He had to think positive. And so, he walked up to the crowd and started his chase for Aaron. He'd tell everything to him, and he'd get Samantha back. There was nothing that could stop him.


"I voted for you, Aaron!"

"I'm anxious to see you next Saturday with you mysterious girl!"

"I knew you'd win, dude!"

"Seriously, there's no one else better than you to be our King!"

"I'm sure your date is fucking hot!"

People kept shouting at him everywhere he went. People he'd never seen or noticed. Guys kept coming to him to congratulate him, to question and comment about his date to the Homecoming Dance. Girls came to him to say they'd voted for him to be the King and they were happy he'd won. He kept shaking hands and receiving kisses in the cheek. So much attention, so much popularity... and Aaron didn't want any.

He knew he was very popular, but he'd never asked for it. All he wanted was to be left alone in that moment. Not to mention he wasn't feeling cheerful at all. Yeah, he was the Homecoming King, so what? Couldn't people see he just wanted to pay his full attention to Kalli? She'd always stood by his side, quiet, watching everyone talking to him and ignoring her. Oh, if they only knew she was the one he'd take to the Homecoming Dance...

"You want to leave?" Aaron had the chance to ask when people weren't really seeing him.

Kalli just shrugged. "If you want to stay here, I'll stay."

He looked down at her, and his eyes narrowed. Since they'd left her house, Kalli's mood had changed. She didn't smile, and only talked when he asked her something. She didn't even go after Samantha when they'd sighted her an hour ago with Nick. She seemed bored. No, worse - she seemed mad. And Aaron had no clue why. Well, he had - Luke. Her ex-boyfriend's appearance had made her change. But Aaron didn't get why. He'd come to see her, so what? Hadn't Kalli gotten over him a little? As hard as he thought about it, he couldn't really comprehend why.

"Kalli, tell me what's wrong." He motioned to be face-to-face with her and obliged her to lift her face and look at him. Her dark eyes were darker than usual, which was something rare. "Was it Luke? Did he say something to you before I came?"

"We've had this conversation before we even stepped out of the car, Aaron. Do I need to repeat what I said?" She told him with a rude tone. Yes, it was true, they'd talked about her mood, but she hadn't still answered his question. If it hadn't been Luke, what had changed her usual perky and serene mood?

"I know you're mad about something, but if you refuse to tell me about it, I'll keep nagging you throughout the night!"

"If you do that, you'll only piss me off even more!" Her tone suddenly rose, fuming.

"I don't care! If that means that pissing you off will make you tell me what's wrong with you, then you can bet I'll piss you off as hell!" She was wrong if she thought Aaron wouldn't give a damn about her mood. So it meant he'd have to piss her off to find out what was wrong with her? So be it, then.

"If you spent more time thinking about what you did other then pissing me off, you'd find out what's getting on my nerves!"

Oh, now he was getting something! "So your bad mood is my fault? What did I do, then?"

"You consider yourself smart, don't you?" She didn't even let him answer, "Then find out on your own!" And just like that, Kalli turned around and strolled away, being engulfed by the crowd. Afraid to lose her for the crowd, Aaron rushed towards her, but people kept pushing him. Taking advantage of his strong and tall figure, he used his strength to push them aside.

What the hell was wrong with Kalli? It was his fault, she'd said that, but what had he done? He couldn't remember doing anything wrong with her!

While going after her, Aaron visualized in his mind what he'd said and done the moment he'd arrived to her house and had caught her with Luke. He'd felt jealous and angry, he admitted that to himself, but he knew Kalli just wouldn't give in to that son of a bitch in a snap of his fingers. Besides, Aaron would call her to reality if she even thought of it. Hadn't she seen him hitting on that blonde girl when they'd spied on him?

Now that he was far away from the bonfire itself since Kalli was walking away from the crowd, lesser people were on his way now, which meant he could walk freely faster. He didn't bother running after her. They'd surely have an argument when he'd grab her, so it was better if they were far from the school's population.

At last, when Kalli stopped after reaching his car, she leaned on it and Aaron noticed her catching her breath. He stopped before he got to her. It was better if he gave her some time to set her thoughts straight. Maybe when he'd reach her, she'd be calmer and ready to speak to him, while he gathered his own thoughts and got ready to fight back whatever Kalli said he'd done.

And so, a few minutes later, Aaron moved slowly towards his car and cleared his throat when he was just a few feet away from Kalli. His sister's best friend raised her head and looked up at him. Her lips curved in a faint smile before she said, "I'm sorry."

Wow, that was fast. If Aaron had been the one to do something, why was Kalli apologizing instead?

Still, not wanting to argue with his date to the Homecoming Dance, Aaron approached and lifted his hands. Framing Kalli's face, he said, "It's ok. Just tell me what bothered you so much. I mean, you seldom freak out, Kalli."

"I shouldn't have lashed out at you, Aaron." She tried to turn away, but Aaron's hands kept holding her face. "You've been so thoughtful and sweet with me... I like being with you, talking to you... if it hadn't been for you, I'd still be crying. But it's just that... when Luke appeared..."

Kalli trailed off, but Aaron didn't force her to continue. He waited. Because he was patient. Because with Kalli he'd wait the time she needed. Or he wouldn't have said they were more than friends when they were comparing themselves to Dave and Samantha.

"I was really stupid, Aaron. I really am. Do you know why I got mad when Luke left and we came here?" She paused. Gazing at her, Aaron actually became aware she felt embarrassed. Why, if she hadn't done anything wrong? From what she'd told him, he was the one to blame. "I was angry because Luke asked me to go with him to the Homecoming Dance. I wanted and said no, but-"

"But you thought about going with him." Unconsciously, his hands fell off.

Her face dropped, but she didn't pause this time. "And then you came, and said I'd go with you. With you, Aaron. You shouldn't have said it!"

"Why? Because I ruined whatever chance you had with him? Because you're going to the Homecoming with me, the guy Luke used as a reason to break up with you?" He was trying to not snap at her. Not that she didn't deserve it, but he was always in control of situations, and this one was no exception. Even if he felt angry for Kalli having even thought about it! "You want to go with him, is that it? After what he made you go through, you're ready to jump back to his arms just like that?"

"No, Aaron, I-"

"I just want you to be straight with me, Kalli. Just like I am with you." There was nothing else Aaron asked to a girl other than that. Honesty. He'd never cheated or lied to a girl, so why would they do that to him? Hell, he wasn't Dave! And after what he'd told Kalli about them... about what he truly felt when it came to them as a couple...

"That's why I said I was sorry, Aaron!" Kalli spoke, almost pleading. "I said I was sorry, because I was being unfair and stupid! I mean, the guy breaks up with me over a stupid reason, he's been hitting on some girl, and then suddenly wants me to do whatever the hell he wants? I'm so sorry, Aaron." Her lips set on a thin line, waiting for him to say something now.

Yeah, she'd thankfully reached that conclusion now, but the fact she'd even thought of it... infuriated him. But it shouldn't. It shouldn't, because he didn't like her, and Kalli still loved Luke. He'd even evidenced that right now. With that on his mind, he caught himself saying, "I don't want you with me just because you don't have Luke."

"I'm not with you because he's not with me, Aaron. Hell, if it wasn't for you... I'm with you, because you understand me. Because you don't mind my company and because you make me forget about him-"

"Not enough, apparently."

"Stop it, Aaron." Kalli said, her expression turning into an angry one like his. She held her hands up high, "I wasn't thinking straight when he just appeared there, ok? What did you expect me to do? I'm not as strong as you think I am! I still like him! We've dated for quite a while! You think I'm ready to throw him out just like that, despite what he did to me? I wish I could! I just want to get over him and..." Aaron knew she was being honest, but the fact that she'd thought about throwing him away...

He felt her hands set on his chest and looked her in the eyes. She was begging for him to accept her apologies, Aaron knew it. And he was ready to accept them, actually. Usually, he was never this easy, but when Kalli looked at him that way... something shifted inside him.

His hands came back to her face, but his finger slid down from her cheek to her lips. He noticed she'd closed her eyes. In that moment, all he wanted was what was waited of him. He wanted to kiss her, to have her. He leaned down on her, but didn't move all the way. He stopped just the enough to feel Kalli's breathing on his own lips. Should he kiss her? Right there, where someone might be watching them? Well, it didn't matter, because everyone would know sooner or later, right? After all, she was his date for the Homecoming Dance.

Well, to hell with his thinking.

Aaron just got rid of the inches that tore them apart, and kissed Kalli for the first time.

It was like this sudden wave of greediness and insatiability had taken over him. He became aware of his hands travelling to Kalli's back and pulling her to him, squeezing her against his body. Kalli's hands wrapped around his neck, and she too wanted him closer, if it was any possible.

How could Aaron have ignored her this whole time? Her taste, her heat, her touch... it drove him crazy. He could be far away from the fire itself, but hell, he was burning all of a sudden, like if being consumed by an abrupt fiery desire.

Did Kalli trigger that much in him?

"Aaron!" A familiar voice yelled his name, closer to them.

Startled, both Aaron and Kalli jerked away from each other. Quickly, Aaron turned to see who'd spoken, only to then catch his best friend shirtless... and greatly drunk. Well, at least it was his best friend that had caught them. Dave already knew about him and Kalli.

"You startled us, man."

"I'm so sorry about that, Aaron." Dave said, giving the impression he was miserable. And maybe he was. That was why he hardly ever drank. Dave knew the state he'd be if he drank. "I have something to tell you."

"Do you really have to tell me whatever it is, now?" God, why had Dave found him? "I'm kind of busy here, you know."

Looking past him, Dave became aware Aaron wasn't alone. "I'm really sorry I interrupt your conversation with Aaron, Kalli. It's just that... I have something really important to tell him... something that's been bothering me since I actually met..." Dave just trailed off, shaking his head in a helpless way.

What a freaking pain in the ass. Rolling his eyes and sighing, Aaron looked at Kalli over his shoulder, waiting to find the same reaction in her face, but she looked as if she'd seen a ghost. "Dave, I really think this isn't the best time." She said nervously. She probably wasn't waiting for Dave to interrupt them, that's it.

"Oh, it has to be, Kalli. I'm tired of hiding this from Aaron. I want him to know!" Dave was close to yelling, and Aaron knew he would yell if he refused to listen to his friend. Even drunk, Dave always managed to have what he wanted. Not because he'd done something good or had hit on some girl, but because it was excruciating to put up with him when drunk.

Sighing again, Aaron tried to hide his annoyance, and said, "Ok, ok... just say what you want to say."


Close to the fire, Samantha's skin glowed. Like many girls, she was wearing some shorts, flip flops and a white top that contrasted with her tanned skin. She was tired, sweating and hadn't stopped dancing with Nick since the moment they'd arrived. She felt like going wild tonight, but she wasn't drunk enough to do something crazy. In fact, she was even drunk. Still, it was like if the atmosphere around her was enough to make her feel like if she was high.

Nick's hands roamed throughout her body, and Samantha didn't bother saying no to him. She wanted his touch, she wanted to be provoked. He kept whispering things in her ear, and she enjoyed them. She wasn't worried if people were watching them or not. She really didn't give a damn. She was having a very good time now, and she hadn't had such a good time since that very day she'd met Dave.

Even with a face that told everyone she didn't want to be bothered, some still had the guts to come to her, only to say they were happy her brother had been crowned the Homecoming King. She was happy as well. She'd voted for him, though she really thought Dave would win the competition. But since his girlfriend wasn't a part of the Court, just like Samantha, he had lost the chance to be the King. At any rate, Samantha thought that people had only chosen Aaron - and Annah for his Queen - to see some drama during the Homecoming Dance. Everyone knew they'd made out on Annah's birthday party, but now that he'd dismissed her from being his date and had declared he'd invited some mysterious girl... Oh, they were all juicy gossips for the school famished gossipers.

"Let's get out of here, Sam. Let's go somewhere." Nick said, leaning down on her, and licking her ear. She could feel the hunger on his voice and the voracity in the way his hands roamed throughout her body.

Unfortunately for him, Samantha didn't feel the same way. "I'm having fun here, Nick. I don't want to leave." Not only because she was having a good time, but because she knew why Nick wanted to be alone with her when she seemed this excited. She wasn't stupid.

"Come on, baby..." He squeezed her tight against his body. "We'll keep having fun-"

"Nick, I said I don't want to go." She turned around to face him since she had her back turned at him. Looking at his blue eyes, she added, "I want to be here, I-"

"Sam!" She suddenly heard her name. "Samantha!" Both her and Nick looked around her, but didn't see who had called her. But then, looking past Nick, Samantha became aware Matt was the one that had called her. He was rushing towards her, and his face was everything but one that showed he was having fun.

When he reached them, she questioned, "Something's wrong?"

Gasping for air, Matt actually grabbed her and pulled her away from Nick. "Hey! What's the matter with you?" He grumbled when Matt just poked his hand when he tried to reach for her again. Something was wrong. Matt never acted this desperate - yelling for someone and poking another without any logical reason.

"It's ok, Nick." Samantha said, becoming aware Matt wanted to talk to her in private, though private wasn't something they'd get easily since they were in the middle of the crowd. "I'll be back in a second." She smiled, reassuring him, and then she turned around and let Matt guide her throughout the multitude.

They walked for a while, and instead of looking for a place they could talk in private, Matt actually seemed to be looking for someone desperately. When he couldn't find what he was searching for, he turned to Samantha and she saw concern in his greenish eyes. "We have a problem. You have a problem." Samantha's eyebrows arched, not waiting for him to say that. "Dave's drunk. He... He's out of his mind."

"Something bad happened?" She immediately bit her lower lip when she realized it involved Dave.

"He wants to tell Aaron about you two." That was all Matt needed to say for Samantha to comprehend his urgency. Reasoning, Matt had probably been searching for either Dave or Aaron when he'd managed to get her from Nick.

"You're joking, right?" Matt shook his head. She knew Matt didn't play with these type of issues, but this was one Samantha would rather hope he was lying. "What the hell has gone through his mind? He can't tell Aaron!" She found herself suddenly yelling. Lucky, no one really paid attention to the both of them

"He's drunk!" Matt shook his hands up in the air. "I don't know what's gotten into him, but he just started rumbling about you and him, saying he wanted you and whatnot. He spoke about breaking up with Kerry right now and tell everything to Aaron so that he can give him permission to date you!"

Samantha just covered her mouth with her hand. No. Matt was definitely joking. Dave wouldn't do that. Even drunk, he... Did he realize in what he was getting himself into? Telling Aaron about everything that had happened between them? Was he looking for a death sentence or something? Feeling the same urgency than Matt, Samantha asked, "Have you found him after he said that?" Matt shook his head again, his lips pressed against in each. "We have to find him before he gets to Aaron. We have to... Aaron's going to freak out if Dave says a word about us!"

"I know, Sam! I tried to talk him out of it, but he seemed pretty convinced that that was the right thing to do in order to have you back!" Matt revealed. How could Dave think such thing? How could he even do what had gone through his mind? "I knew that I saying anything to him wouldn't stop him, so I let him go, and decided you're the only one that can actually make him give up that stupid idea."

All Samantha said was, "To do that, we have to find him."

"And that's exactly what we'll do now."

Nodding, Samantha realized the need to find Aaron before Dave could open that big mouth of his.

Searching for any of them was hard in the middle of the chaos. People kept crossing paths with them and tried to talk to them when Matt and Samantha really couldn't afford to lose any minute chatting. What if Dave happened to tell everything to Aaron in that damned minute? Despair took over her as her eyes tried to roam the entire area, wishing to encounter Dave and Aaron.

At some point, Matt was already asking people if they'd seen Aaron, Dave, or even Kalli, since she'd been with Aaron the whole time. At first, none of them knew where any of the three could be, but then, thank god, one of them remembered to see Aaron going after Kalli. The girl had said they'd gone towards the parking lot.

That's where Matt and Samantha headed for straight away. The parking lot was loaded with cars, and since Samantha hadn't come with Aaron, she had no idea where his car might be. But lucky them, someone was talking pretty loud, and that someone... was Dave. "Oh my god, he's already there!" Samantha pointed out when she sighted a drunken Dave near both Aaron and Kalli.

They both ran one last time, and since they could listen to what Dave was saying, no, yelling, they heard, "I'm a really bad friend, Aaron. I'm so sorry about what I did, but I-"

"Just go straight to the point, dude." Aaron's impatience was clearly perceptible on his voice, which meant Dave was probably still trying to find a way to tell Aaron. "I'm sick of listening to your drunken and incomprehensible words."

"Maybe I should just take him back to the crowd-"

"No." Aaron cut in before Kalli could continue. So Kalli had already understood what Dave was trying to say. "If he wants me to know what he has to say so badly, I'll hear him out."

"That's why you're my best friend, Aaron! That's why!" And finally, Samantha and Matt reached the little group. When the three saw them, each had different reactions. Kalli's face muscles relaxed straight away, knowing they'd come to save Dave. Aaron had seemed to gotten more confused, since he'd noticed Dave's swift angry - and sad - expression.

"Hello, brother dear." Samantha said, putting on a grin, trying to catch her breath.

Before any of them could actually say something, Dave advanced, "I'm so sorry, Aaron! I really am! I didn't mean to-"

" this drunk." Matt cut him off, when he reached Dave and placed his hands on his friend's shoulders. "Don't worry, Aaron won't hold a grudge against you." He wouldn't, if Dave wouldn't say what he'd come to say.

"Oh, I can be drunk, but I just want-"

" go home, I'm sure." It was Samantha's turn to cut him off. Her grin never vanished. Looking at Aaron, she said, "I'm tired, Aaron. Are you going home?"

"What? No! It's still early!" She knew it was early, but her question was part of a plan she'd just come up with to take Dave out of there.

"Then you don't mind if I drive Dave home, I'm sure. He brought his car, but he's incapable to drive. I could take him home and stay there until you can come to pick me up and take me home. How about that?" She grinned even more, hoping Aaron wouldn't say anything about it.

She crossed her fingers when Aaron spoke. "I don't think so."

"I can drive by myself!" Dave suddenly said, shaking off Matt's hands.

This time, even Aaron eyed him with serious eyes. "I think its better if," He focused on Samantha again, "you drive his car and go to our house. Dave can crash in my room. I don't want you in his house all by yourself." If Aaron only knew she'd been there... If he only knew she'd actually spent a night with Dave on his house... She hadn't done anything, but Aaron would freak out if he knew about it anyway.

Nevertheless, the fact that Aaron was giving her permission to leave the bonfire alone with Dave and take him to their house... surprised her, anyway. Was he in a hurry or something? But she hid her surprise and nosiness, like if it was nothing important. "Ok, then. It's better that way, I guess."

"Call me if you have any problem with Dave, ok?" It wasn't a question, despite the fact it sounded like one. Samantha knew it was an order. Anyway, Aaron seemed to be having fun here, otherwise she knew he'd choose to come with her.

"Don't worry, brother dear." Next, she approached Dave, and asked for the keys.

Folding his arms over his chest, he sulked, "I won't give them to you."

Rolling her eyes, Samantha didn't insist. In fact, Dave was so freaking drunk that he didn't even realize Matt was taking the keys out of his pocket. When he threw them to Samantha, Dave realized what had been done. "You asshole! Those are the keys to my car! My car! You had no right to-"

"...stopping you from getting killed?"

"I wouldn't have an accident if that's what you're talking about." Samantha just shook her head, feeling tired already. No, Matt wasn't talking about that, but they couldn't explain him what they meant now. "Anyway, since I seem to have no choice around here, are you coming with me?"

"No." Matt replied. "Just because you've ruined Sam's night, doesn't mean you've ruined mine." Then, Matt just drew back from him, and pointed over his shoulder. "His car's back there. You'll have no problem finding it."

She wanted to thank Matt for warning her about what Dave intended to do, but, of course, she couldn't thanks to Aaron's presence. "Well," She started, "I should be going. I'll see you in the morning." She waved at the three, and then grabbed Dave's arm and pulled him with her.

He kept whispering things, but she really didn't give a damn about it. Now that they weren't near Aaron, she could finally change her expression to an angry one. It was when she found her car and forced Dave to get in, that she actually exploded, "What the hell were you trying to do, you stupid idiot?"

Despite being drunk, Dave retorted, "I was trying to tell Aaron everything about us! Why the hell did you stop me?"

"Why? You still have the guts to ask me why?" Her eyes widened in sheer shock. "I stopped you from getting killed, that's why I stopped you! Were you really aware of what you were about to do, Dave? God, you're drunk! How could you even think about telling Aaron?"

"Because I thought that if I told him, he'd give permission, just like he gave Nick!" He yelled at her, at the same time she started the engine, and drove away from the beach. "I want to be with you, Sam! I don't want Kerry!"

Tiredly, she just said, "You're saying that because you're drunk, Dave. If you hadn't drunk anything, I'm sure you wouldn't be having those thoughts."

"What if I say I've been having them even when I'm not drunk? I may be now, but I know what I've been thinking lately!" Yeah, well... that just wouldn't do anything. Each had made a choice. She'd decided to forget him, and he'd decided to keep dating Kerry. "Come on, Sam... Let me tell Aaron all about us, and break up with Kerry. That's all I want. That, and you accepting back-"

"After all the shit you did? After fooling around with me? After you choosing to stay with Kerry?" She just had to laugh, "God, you really think the girls revolve around you, don't you?"

"Sam..." He leaned towards her, not caring if she was driving, "Come on, let's get over this issue."

Shaking him away, she said, "We've already gotten over it. You chose Kerry."

All of a sudden, Dave started yelling, "God, why the fuck are you so thick-headed? Why? I know I was a son of a bitch, but I'm fucking telling you I'm willing to break up with Kerry and put up with Aaron!" Samantha didn't say anything. The lesser she said, the better. Besides, she didn't want to walk inside her house with Dave yelling at her, because she'd retorted some stupid answer she should have held back. If her parents woke up...

"I fucking love you, Sam!" Abruptly, Samantha moved her face to look at him, with utter shock and astonishment stamped on her face. Had he really said that? Had he really- "Watch out!" Dave yelled again, and putting her eyes on the road, Samantha used to breaks to stop the car before it hit. She hadn't noticed she'd been stepping on the accelerator that long.

Not knowing what to say or do, Samantha just kept driving at the same time she allowed herself to breathe slowly. She didn't want to have any stupid reaction just because Dave had said he loved her. He was drunk for god's sake! He couldn't prove anything to her in that state! Besides, she didn't want him to say anything about them anymore! Why couldn't he just leave her alone?

Trying to think clearly and ignoring Dave's voice, Samantha reached her house in a heartbeat. She parked the car, killed the engine, but didn't do anything to get out. She just looked outside, and said, "The moment you walk inside my house, you will not open your mouth."


"I'm not joking, Dave. My parents are already sleeping." She cut him off. "I just brought you here so you wouldn't tell Aaron about us. I know you'll thank me in the morning for it."

"Come on, Sam..." He tried again, but Samantha just turned her head the opposite way. She couldn't afford to fall for his soothing, but heartbreaking voice. "I just want what's best for us..."

"What's the best for us is the way we've been acting – like if we were friends."

"You haven't even given us a chance to try the other way."

"No, you didn't give me one." In that moment, she just couldn't resist looking at him, so enraged and frustrated. However, when she actually put her eyes on his face, her heart broke.

He looked as if he was about to cry. He looked a mess, honestly. Shirtless, and still sweating, his usually perfect hair was muddled, his face was a rather dirty, his breath smelled of alcohol, and his eyes... were red and puffy.

"I didn't know what to do at the time."

"You knew, Dave, you knew." Aware of how fragile he seemed, Samantha restrained herself. "You just chose what I wanted, what you seem to want now." There she was again, somehow still hoping! She was so stupid!

"I know it's not too late for us, Sam, I know it's-"

"Yes, it is." She cut in, trying to keep her serious expression in place, since all in her screamed to just care for Dave. This time, she wouldn't be that feeble. Tonight, she wouldn't ask him to kiss her and she wouldn't be the one to even say she wanted it.

However, that didn't mean Dave couldn't do that himself.

Moving towards her, and despite being drunk, Dave's arms reached for hers and pulled her, tightening his grip around her wrists so that she wouldn't move away. She fought. God knew she'd fought. But Dave just managed to drew in closer and smash his lips against hers.

During the first seconds, she was still fighting, she was still resisting, but as Dave managed to force her lips apart and explore once more her mouth, oh, there was nothing in the world that would make Samantha want to drew back.

His mouth tasted like cheep beer, but she couldn't care less about that little detail. His hands moved down to her back, so that it would be easier to pull her to him. He was burning. Sinful fire, but Samantha wasn't worried about that. All she could think of was the mistake she was making by letting him kiss her again. And yet, she kissed him back with the same urgency he did.

Lucky her, the reality summoned her, when they unexpectedly heard some male voices yelling outside.

"You're the man, dude!"

"Mind sharing her with us?"

"Can I have a piece of her?"

Slowly, but surely, Dave let her go and turned to see from where the voices were coming. When Samantha looked past Dave, she noticed it was just a bunch of guys that had passed by them in their car. At a snail's pace, Dave opened the door and gave them the finger as they drove away." Go fuck yourselves, you sad assholes!"

Free again, Samantha took advantage of that moment to get out of Dave's car and move away form. She really had to stop being that weak near Dave.

When he noticed he was alone in the car, Dave got out as well, and walked up to her. He motioned his arms to hug her, but she just backed away from his touch. Shaking her head, she said, "Don't you dare doing that again."

"That's what you always think and say, but in the end, you always let me do what I-"

She slapped him across the face before he could finish his sentence. Bolted from the blue, Dave just stared at her in astonishment. Hell, he had no right to say that. He shouldn't even have dared to kiss her! But she was the one to blame, because she was the pathetic one.

"I'm going to get inside my house, and I'm going to my bedroom." She started saying, trying to maintain an undisturbed tone, though it was rather impossible. "You're allowed to crash at my brother's room, but hell if you follow me, Dave."

"What will you do?" He asked her, his eyes wide-open and his hand over his cheek. "Yell so that your parents can-"

"I'll be the one to tell Aaron what you did to me." She threatened him, conscious it could probably not work. So that's why she added, "And for how much appealing that looks to you now, you'll want to smack yourself in the morning for even thinking about it."

And just like that, she turned around and walked up to her house, walking in and rushing to her bedroom. She didn't bother seeing if Dave had come in or not, because she knew he would... and had. Seconds after she'd silently closed her door, she'd heard her brother's friend in the room next to hers.

Thankful she'd managed to run away from him, Samantha sat on her bed and sank her head in her hands.

The nerve Dave had. All she felt like was to go to her brother's room and smack him again. He could be so annoying! How dare he thinking she'd take him back after all he'd done? If he thought she was like Kerry – who ignored the fact that Dave fooled around with girls – he was wrong! Really wrong!

This time, she wouldn't cry. She'd hate herself if she would. So all she did was to get undressed, call Nick and Aaron, tell each a few lies, and take some sleeping pills.

Lately, that was what she needed to drift into that soothing darkness where Dave, Aaron and Nick couldn't reach her, because if they did, they'd turn her peaceful nights into horrible nightmares.

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