Why do such feelings well up inside my soul?

Must I give way to foolishness?

You will never be what I wish you to be

Like a trying to spread out my arms and become bird

How beautiful that would be

How beautiful we would be

But never may I touch you

Never may I give you these words that are on my mouth, my tongue

For how different our worlds are

Girls spread around you

Wearing too much skin and not enough cloth

Perverted, and disgusting

Girls who lack the maidenhead I have

While I sit in the corner

Reading books, soaking in words

I hope you love your false worshipers

They may be there all your life

But they will never bring you happiness

But could I?

I do not know

I lack the flirtatious looks, the teasing gestures

I feel like I'm in a deep dark pit, with no way out

And I hate it when you look at me

But, I hate it even more when you look away

Because then I know, I really can't have you