The most beautiful feeling is when

Your running through the wind

At night

The stars are circling above you

And there is the moon

So big and not-quite-white

You laugh hysterically and run toward it

Soon you have to change direction because it jumped over you

Laughing at its jokes, you continue to run

The night engulfs you

Your energy has no bounds

Nothing can touch you

You thought

And then, with no warning, he comes

He is running by you also and your heart leaps

The oneness is amazing

So direct, so perfect

Unseen breezes sweeps you both

Your heart fills with wonder

Everything good in the world is here

And just as you thought you had caught the moon

It hides behind the earth, and the dawn awakens

You stop to look at the man who chased with you

He has white-blonde hair, clear blue eyes, and skin like the moon shining in glory

Your smile widens

After long moments he embraces you and holds you for as long as you had never thought time could last

Then swiftly he disappears, and leaves you like the moon did

No words were needed

As you waited for the moon-chase tonight