Chapter 1: Aidan

One word was always used to describe him: Perfect.

Well-built and standing at 5'10 and a half, Aidan was an All-American boy. With sun blonde hair and blue eyes as deep as the depths of the sea, he was the ultimate target for all the females of Troy High, and having a perfect tan, body, nose and teeth didn't hurt either.

The new and rising star of his freshman football team, the Trojans, he was so good he was even considered being put on Varsity- with the seniors. Now, being described as being so perfect, you would think that he'd have been a regular ass: and you're right. He was.

Changing girls almost as fast as he changed his underwear, he was the regular one-girl-a-week type of jock. He had a file-cabinet mind when it came to girls and even separated them into categories: The Nerds, Weirdos, Hotties, Psychos, the Fatties and the No Chance in Hells.

He prided himself on never getting dumped by a girl. He was the dumper, never the dumpee. By far the most popular freshman boy, he went out with every desirable girl in school. Every single one- and dumped them all. He had a commitment problem, he knew. But he thought that love was dumb.

Why would you want to be stuck to just one fish when you could have the whole sea?

That was his motto.

"Why would you want to be stuck to just one fish when you could have the whole sea?" he asked his friend Nick, a quarterback on the football team.

They were walking across the campus headed for their English class. Their teacher, Ms. Rose was the hottest teacher on campus and Aidan made it a point to be her favorite student. And he was, so being late didn't really matter.

"Man, she's not just some fish…she's…I don't know, she understands me…" started Nick, wringing his hands helplessly.

Aidan sighed and led him to the nearest bench and motioned for him to sit down.

"Look. Caroline isn't even that hot. If truth be told, she's under my psycho file and that's not a good thing. How many times does she call you a day again?"

"Look, that's not the point. I actually like it when she calls. We talk about nothing and everything at the same time…"

Aidan drowned out his friend's words as he thought, Yaddy yaddy yadda, get over it, you big baby!

Well, at least he looked like he was listening.

He just stood there, smiled and nodded absentmindedly as he thought about how love could be such a nuisance. All the useless thinking, arguments, restrictions and rules isn't really his style.

"Hey, Aidan- you listening, man?"

Aidan snapped out his reverie when he felt Nick's hand on his shoulder and shook his head. "Oh, uh yeah."

"So what do you think I should do?"

Leave that little psycho and go screw a cheerleader.

"Well I don't know. Why did she leave you anyway?"

"She caught me with Ashley…" he started, looking ashamed.

"Nice job! She's hot," Aidan approved, patting his friend on the back. "I know she's called Easy Ashley but at least she's got big-"

"But I love Caroline," said Nick softly.

You are so disgusting. I don't understand you at all.

"I understand. Look, I'll talk to Caroline for you, if that'd make you feel better."

"Would you really? Hey, thanks, Aidan."

"No problem."

After their little guy-to-guy talk, they walked into the classroom. Ms. Rose glanced up and proceeded to finish writing down the newest vocabulary words on the board. When the guys took their seats, Aidan sat and stared at Caroline, who was evidently ignoring Nick.

Well, she's not that bad looking, actually…

"Hey, Aidan!" whispered the girl next to him. He glanced up. It was Elise, the overweight class nerd- A.K.A Obese Elise.

She had a crush on him for as long as he could remember, ever since the second grade when they were reading partners. And even then he disliked her, even though she was nice. The only reason why he's nice to her was because she provided all the answers to tests and willingly and eagerly let him copy her homework.

She was somewhere between the Fatties, Nerds and No Chance in Hell groups.

"Oh, hey," he said, turning on his charm full force. "What's up?"

He could be a real actor if he wanted to be.

"Nothing really, thanks for asking," she said, giggling and snorting at the same time.

I thought this class had students, not pigs…

"You ready for the test today?" she asked, pushing up her nerdy geek glasses.

Their English class had been touching up on Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet and it bored Aidan to death. Even though he was voted to read the part of Romeo, he still didn't have a clue about how the story went.

"Oh, you know what Elise? Yesterday we had football practice and it went way later than usual. I ended up coming home at 10 at night," he lied, looking like he wished he actually did study for the test.

"Don't worry, Aidan! You can look off of mine!I studied for about four hours yesterday, my parents made me."

She snorted again.

"Aww, thanks Obese- I mean Elise," he corrected himself hastily.

After the successful test, he went outside with the rest of the class. It was his last period and he was free for the remainder of the day- his other friends, including Nick were going to some lame class meeting, thankfully a class he didn't have.

While he was walking home, he noticed Caroline walking behind him, talking on her cell phone. He took a step back and slowed down so she could catch up to him. When she did and she was finished talking on the phone, she smiled and said "What's up?"

"Nothing much. You?"


They walked in silence until Aidan decided to speak up. "So how're you and Nick, anyway?"

She suddenly looked weary. "Please don't tell me you're just talking to me because you want to fix things up between Nick and I. We're over."

"No, I'm not I just thought it'd be nice to talk…"

"Want a glass of lemonade?" she asked suddenly when they were outside her house. He lived just right down the street from her.

Aidan hesitated. Well, it was a sunny day and he was thirsty. Who was he to turn down a free drink?


"Aidan, you are the best kisser," Caroline gasped into his mouth as he rolled her over on her bed.

Somehow, a glass of lemonade led to a severe make out session. He didn't even mean for it to happen, but she was just sitting there, exposing her not-so-bad legs and giving him that stare…

One he was all too used to.

It meant I want to get in your pants, Aidan.

Sure he thought about Nick. He recalled a mere flicker of an image of his friend's face when he started to touch Caroline all over- but it was soon forgotten when she got a hold of his ear with her teeth.

"Caroline, baby, we should stop," he said, sitting up abruptly.

"Why?" she whined, trying to bite his ear again.

He brushed her off and said, "Because…You're Nick's girl and this is wrong…"

Yep, he was going to play the role of Mr. Nice Guy. Besides, she wasn't really a good kisser.

"But you're way better than Nick," she pouted.

"We'll just keep this a little secret then, shall we babe?" he pecked her on the cheek and left.

He was always the one who broke the kisses first. It was one of his rules.

When he arrived on his front porch he heard the sound of breaking glass.

Great. The 'rents are at it again…

He opened the door cautiously and stepped in. His mother was throwing dishes at his father, who was trying to defend himself with his hands as they screamed at each other.

"Overtime?! You never worked overtime before!" screamed his mother before she hurled another dish.

Aidan tried to go in unnoticed so he could go upstairs to his room. He hated when his parents fought. And they fought almost 24/7. Usually when they fight they vent their anger out on him, and although he was used to it, it bugged him a lot.

"And you!" shrieked his mom when she noticed him, "Why are you home so late?"

"Probably screwing a cheerleader, no doubt," said his dad spitefully, "At any rate, the cheerleader was probably better than your mother-"

Another dish found its way toward his dad.

"Go upstairs and don't come out! No dinner tonight!" screamed his mom.

See, that was the thing. He didn't even do anything and he got in trouble. Great. He walked into his room, slammed his door and pulled out an old pizza box under his bed. It was a day or two old, but that was all he had.

Walking over to his desk, he turned on his stereo full force, grabbed a piece of stale pizza and sat against his door, eating, trying to drown out the sounds of his parents arguing.