Caffeine Concentration and Memory Combustion

don't you know?
i kept my notebook,
the one with your scribbles on
& i tucked it in my diary
'cause im still hoping
that the sun will rise anytime soon
& i can show you
that i have preserved the memories of that day
when you handed me these coffee-sprayed papers
that were carved on
with your bitter musings of that
chemistry test you failed
because you forgot
(just like how you forget that i exist)
the empirical formulas
of just water (H20) and caffeine (???)
& you couldn't settle
if there's a chemical reaction in stirring
4 tablespoons of powdered coffee
into a glass of my lukewarm affection
(i told you coffee can make you nervous)
and i felt that you were so insensitive to the fact
that you are so bitter and cold to me
(perhaps caffeine made you numb this time)

& sometimes I wish
that I could just be that panacea
& take you away
from drowning in your

but i realized
just as you walked away from me
that i couldn't (have you)
so i'll be burning
these sepia-tinted papers instead
(together with my diary)
& there'll be nothing left
but ashes of your memory

(now that's a chemical reaction)