You hate cigarettes
I hate them too
but I love them

sorta the way I feel about you

You hate the way she treats you
So do I
Open up your eyes
come with me

she'll never get back to you
she's gone

you broke her heart
I've been known for that
let's go be bastards together

thrown in by irony
a cloud of smoke, a floor & a guitar

everything - oh hey oh - everything's gonna be fine
play me a song let the world fade round
play me a song let's play pretend

I'll be your playground I can be your swing


You ripped my ego apart
from York to Fort Kent without a second thought
but of course I shouldn't care

so you love her brown curly hair
mine isn't dyed -
and you love big asses
just not this big I suppose

and I guess I tend to superimpose my wishes
upon you and maybe I tend to bore you
with my inconsequential meanderings

but hey - I can't really help my foolish thoughts
just a foolish girl
and you dragged my ego
from York to Fort Kent a speeding
car waiting for the accident
that is you with her
and not me

life's never simple
maybe that scares you more than I thought
maybe you'll never know what you want
perhaps this is all wrong

maybe we'll crash down a world apart
pick up the pieces and meet

a strange street at dusk
maybe you'll hear these verses and see
there's more to me than there is to her
maybe my frustration is little more
than a cry in the dark for a cure
for the foolish thoughts plaguing me


maybe we'll see each other again

the world spinning and tilting on time

and all I want to know

is when we crossed this line

the night is cold and never ending

when I'm with you its like this thing is

just the beginning

for the life of me I'll never see

where this thing begins or ends

it's like a rusty wheel in the rain

starting and stopping

creaking and groaning

whispering and moaning

all I want is some minor justification

of this metaphorical struggle

things start out so simple

but simple can't exist here

you're like a rusty wheel in the rain

starting and stopping

moaning and groaning

coughing and sighing

laughing and dying

under my watchful gaze