You took it slow, with small easy steps

The feel of your palm running slowly against my back
tiny little chills falling through my spine
your hands know what they're doing

Because they've done it before
your head leans in close, as your breath grows soft
I can tell you're nervous with criminal intent
you take my hand and grasp it with yours

As if this night would mean something more
your words are soft as they dance on my heart
I grow use to the room with maliciousness

The quickened pace of your heart pressed against my chest
touching my hips, with a kiss on my neck
whisper silently no, but your mind doesn't hear
Sliding off, the small denim jeans
kisses on the thigh, as your eyes never break

The hold, they hold on mine.
You promise me the biggest lie
and we'll begin to sin with our greatest intent

Our bodies set in motion and you'll let go
the way you treat me now changes bitterly
you say silently to me, were just friends

That little relationships you can not do
you've stopped being sweet
regret in my eyes, that it got this far
finally I can see all that you wanted

My feeble attempts to get you to fall,
fail every time, because you do not care
and I know this now
I'll never be the girl that'd make you feel

For the first time I can read your criminal intent

And I'll fall for it

Every time