Children of darkness

cannot find the light

power is sleeping

preparing to fight

Life is waiting

trying to be found

Silence sits there,

listening for a sound

Fear is holding

strangling the light

Death is smiling

claiming the night

The cycle is slowing

Life finds an escape

The body is waiting

The cloth is draped:

Born without hearts, on a moonless night

Twisted creatures that don't know light

Lost and lonely, others to blame

Changing from their guilt and shame

Living under darkened skies

That comes from pity from their eyes

Those disappointing gawks and glares

Those unheard screams and unseen flares

Their whispers turn to tangled lies

Of teenage waste land lullabies

Sealed in a world of their own

A place for them to call home

Until the darkness sets them free

They will bring this world on bended knee