An: i wrote this after two days of my dad's death anniversay. It isn't completely to do with that but read and tell me what you think.

Death's anniversary

Just things you will never know.

It's the week of remembrance.

When everyone cries/pries each other.

Stop the semblance of reality.

I won't make this cheap.

So she dialled the number


angels ripped to old women

carrying knives.

Please don't cry.


I blew out my homework

Deciphered French through mathematics

Licked off the letters,

spat them onto the page.



Please don't cry.

It's been a whole three (free) years of my

marriage to the earth.

Worms are dancing through my brain.

Thoughts slipped like a slippery anniversary.

(I knew the bursaries weren't right).


So I snuffed out my candle

muttered out goodnight.