The pearls glitter in the moonlight,

Your hands around my neck.

It chokes me

You choke me.

I can't help but fear it's beauty,

The necklace

It weighs me down,

You weigh me down

But I can't get it off my neck.

Jewels, pearls, gold…

It is rich and yet…


Your hands around my neck.

My breath is taken from me,

As the necklace tightens…

You're there,

And yet you're not.

The beauty mystifies me,

And I can't get it off my neck…

It chokes me…

You weigh me down.

A ruby by my heart,

Pearls next to my throat,

Gold all around.

The gold is tightening

The pearls silently choke me

The ruby inches slowly

I can't breath.

You spot my decaying corpse.

And silently take the necklace off my neck.

You wait for the next pretty girl to come your way…

Your life for the magic

You live for the necklace.