Had a Great

F a l l

I'm afraid I don't have any emotion left. But still, I know it's only a matter of time before the eye of the storm passes. And when it does, I'll go back to feeling the pressure building up inside of me, the pressure like concentrated helium that I know will eventually just become too much to keep inside. The interior pressure tearing me apart will be become greater than the exterior pressure holding me together. I'll explode, and little pieces of Laura will scatter everywhere. And everyone will gather around and look on with smug expressions saying, "There goes Miss Perfect. I knew she was going to break eventually." They'll collect the pieces like gleeful children performing an autopsy on a woebegone piƱata. After all, everyone wants a piece of a failure that isn't theirs. Before she was floating high above the world and all of its limits, radiant in her uninhibited immortality, but before she even knew it, she found herself on the ground in






All the king's horses and all the king's men cannot put her back together again. For even they can see that all the magic is gone. She's really not amazing at all, they say, And looking at her now, I realize she never really was.