After reading FireChainsaw's Random Mental Thoughts from my Head, I realized that I was also kind of a volatile person. I am officially making this because I enjoy ranting. Will be updated whenever I'm pissed off or realize something.


Why do bus drivers insist on acting like Air Force pilots? Whenever I sit on the bus, this is all I hear:

"Roger, 389 to base."

"You got him on your line?"

"10-4. Stoppin' in."

They don't bomb Iraq. They drive teenagers to school. They drive uncooperative teenagers to school. If anything, the conversation should be like this:

"I swear to God I'm gonna shoot this kid in the back."

"Hold together, Rosie. We can't do anything during school hours."

"They'll get it…"

I mean, what the hell!? If I wanted to hear stuff like "Niner-eight-four" then I'd watch the history channel or listen to my grandfather ramble for twenty minutes. I don't expect my bus driver to be a kind-hearted Jesus driving the Welcome Wagon, because, face it—they probably didn't want to be a bus driver. I expect them to be bitter, sadistic people who hate their clients and want them killed.

Because it's more fun that way.


I'm getting a little sick of guys who wear shirts saying 'I'm not a soup can, don't label me'. Yes, they wear the shirt.

They also wear black and pink nail polish, bleached hair, black lipstick, mascara, blush, mismatched socks, mismatched shoes, tank tops, miniskirts, shorts and pants at the same time, earrings, toe socks, tattoos, Hello Kitty backpacks, fish netting, fake eyelashes, eighty thousand piercings, and they tend to flaunt a fake lisp.

'Don't label me?' Are you serious!? If they had any sense at all they'd realize that in today's society they are going to be verbally raped from behind, sideways, and upside-down for trying to express themselves.

Yes, I respect their courage.

No, I don't care about their message.

Yes, I will laugh at them. Get over it.


Why do people put clothes on animals? Why? It makes absolutely no sense and it's detrimental to boot.

Do people like making their Chihuahuas and Poodles and Daschunds look retarded? I honestly can't see the reasoning behind this.

'Oh, honey, don't you think Fido would look sooooo cute with a little bowler cap?'

'Yes! Let's go to PetSmart right now! Or, even better, Baby Gap! Let's buy him a onesie!'

Congratulations, dickholes. You've succeeded in making Fido look like a baby with hormone problems and breaking his leg trying to button the thing onto him.

Even worse are those dog sweaters. A dog has fur for a reason, people. Fur is to dog as clothing is to people. There's a nice analogy for you. If you put a sweater on your dog he's going to die from overheating. It's like unplugging life support. And then you'll cry and sue the company for your stupidity.

Come to think of it, the company deserves to be bankrupted, too, for being so asinine. I think Bill in Marketing would feel a whole lot better if the entire 'Clothing Line For Dogs' fell through and some lives were spared. When I saw 'Along Came Polly' I felt like I was the only sane person lefton Earth.


I despise heavy metal. When I say heavy metal, I mean stuff like KISS's song 'Thunderbird'. Sure, Rock n' Roll All Night kicks ass. I love that song.

But songs like 'Thunderbird' all have one thing in common: the artists sound like they are throwing up when they sing. Seriously. They're screaming so loud it Honest-to-God sounds like barf is cascading from their mouths.

I listened to one of those and almost got physically ill. I truly do not understand people who can listen to that without punching themselves in the stomach. And don't say it's for the guitar and not the singing. The barf drowns out the guitar riffs by 110 percent. Period.

I'm sure you're thinking: 'Well, what kind of music do you like?'

Music that has discernable words. I like alternative rock—Lifehouse, Third Eye Blind, etc. I also like Japanese music.

I know one word is flashing in your mind right now: Hypocrite. At least, if you have an IQ above 90. No, I don't know Japanese. However, I can actually sound out the words and make sense of them. Japanese music tends be nice and mellow or AR.

Here, I'll sing some heavy metal for you:


Rock on, brothers and sisters.


There are two anime shows that are pissing me off right now: Zatch Bell and One Piece. If anyone likes these, then they sure as hell don't like anime.

Listen. These shows are pieces of crap. Zatch Bell is the preachiest thing I've ever seen in my life. They show one lightning bolt fly, then it's all 'Courage and Heart' and 'Stick together' and 'I'll never leave you' and, eventually, it'll be 'Don't do Crystal Meth'. I watch anime for action and some side love stories. Inuyasha is a good anime. Full Metal Alchemist is a good anime. Case Closed is a wondrous anime.

And onto One Piece. First off: All Japanese anime creators—never, ever, ever make a show about pirates that is an anime. You'll fail horribly—like you have with this show. The voice acting is ridiculous—they talk with their moths bigger than their face even when they're whispering, which is also insanely loud. The speech is weak—I swear, either these creators suck or something was lost in the translation. I'd rather sit at home and see how many times I could smash my head against the wall before I was knocked out than watch that again.


That's all I've got. Next update…well, you read the first A/N, right?