My tender friend,
don't ask me if you
don't want an answer.
Don't tell me if you
don't want me to know.
Don't cry for him.
He shuffled the deck
and dealt you a new hand.
He loves himself so much,
he wants you to hurt
like he does.
Painkillers, bourbon,
and a note curled in his fingers
was his morbid valentine for you,
leaving you without
his touch,
his love,
his future.
But you came home
to a squatted puking green toad
soaked in vomit and piss.
His misery turned inside out
like a slop thrown from a bucket.
Take his gift and use it well.
Your touch,
Your love,
Your future,
without this insufferable arrogant jackass.
Climb in my lap
and cry on my shoulder
I know it hurts.
It will be better.
New game, new deal.
You don't have to play.
pick up your chips
and walk away,