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Chapter One

Phobia. A very simple word that eventually we all know, Greek in origin from phobos, meaning fear. Some of these phobias are rational; some aren't. Either way, they have a strange way of controlling people's lives, though no one would ever confess to it. Acrophobics will refuse to ascend to places that they believe are too high, keeping them from crossing even bridges. Nyctophobia is something that perhaps strikes you as a child- the fear of the dark. This may seem irrational at first, but it may not be. After all, it can be scary to not see anything around you. But there are also irrational phobias, like xenophobia, the fear of foreigners or fear of foreign things. Or zemmiphobia, the fear of the great mole rat. Yes, I am being serious. The point of this rant is that we all have our phobias. Some of them seem quite rational. Some of them seem irrational until explained. And some are irrational no matter how much you try to justify them.

So what's my big phobia? Don't laugh, it really is very rational, but…



"MACY! WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE AND IT WILL BE ALL YOUR FAULT!" shouted Donna as she tapped her foot impatiently outside. It was drizzling out there, so she wasn't particularly happy with me as I rushed about in my own cluttered room, trying to find my shoe. Clothes were tossed around everywhere from my search for my missing shoe. I looked under my bed, shoving about half my body under the darkness of what felt like a cave.

"Ugh, when did I eat pizza in here?" I wondered, shoving over an old plate. Then I smiled to myself as I found my shoe. Covered in… something, yes, but my shoe. I found a towel (why I had a towel in my bedroom, I will never know) and wiped off my shoe, quickly slid it on, and ran outside. "Alright, here I am! Miss me?" I smiled at my best friends: Donna Monahugh, Andy Gepsette, Gil Hart, and Eberoy Locke (Andy named him that, and he liked it, so he insisted the rest of us call him that, too).

"Sure we did," said Gil sarcastically, blowing his dark brown hair out of his faded blue eyes. It had a bad habit of getting in his face- me and Donna were always telling him to get a haircut, but he just wouldn't listen!

"Honestly, Mace, you're lucky we waited for you at all," said Andy, his own green eyes full of laughter.

"Well, I'm here now, so let's go," I said. We were all going to a dance at our school. None of us had dates; we just went with each other. It was all good between friends.


When we got to the dance, the first thing we noticed was that the lights were off. The second thing we noticed was that we didn't hear anything, which was normal for any other night, but during a dance you should have been able to hear something coming from the school building. "Well… that's odd," commented Eberoy, running a hand through his short, dusty blonde hair.

"No kidding," muttered Donna, playing with the red streak in her long, black hair.

I frowned. "Is the dance tonight?"

"Yeah…" replied Gil, scanning the grounds.

Andy spoke up. "This doesn't make any sense. The dance should have started by now." He sighed. "Do we go home?"

Donna looked at him in fury. "NO. Way. In. HEEECCCK. Are we going home!" she shouted, enunciating every syllable. She had a right to be mad- she had spent a long time finding the perfect outfit of a red spaghetti strap top and black capris. Seriously, it did take her a long time- her room is nearly as messy as mine (the operative word here being "nearly").

Andy backed away from her. "OK… sorry…" He looked to the other guys. "Never anger a womanperiod…" he whispered behind his hand. But Donna still heard him.

"SHUT UP, ANDY!" she yelled, slapping him across the face as hard as she could.

The other guys laughed, Andy put his hands over the sore spot, Donna crossed her arms angrily, and I rolled my eyes. "Guys, I think we should check out and see what's going on at the school," I suggested, since obviously none of them were going to do anything constructive.


"HELLO!" shouted Gil. "HELLO! HELLO! HELLO!" came his voice back down the dark, empty hall. Gil smiled amusedly. "ECHO!" His voice echoed again. "YODEL-ODEL-ODEL-A-HEE-HOOOOO!" he sang loudly. It echoed back once again. I could have shot him. I really could have.

Donna and I both groaned. "We are surrounded by dunderheads," I said as Gil wandered off down another hall.

Donna snorted in laughter. "Dunderheads?" I grinned.


Donna smiled and nodded in agreement. "Speaking of which, where are the other village people?" she asked.

I raised an eyebrow. "…I think you mean village idiots."


Donna closed her eyes and groaned. "Oh whatever. Where are they?"

I pointed down another hall. "Checking out the gymnasium where the dance is supposed to be."

"What if something bad happens to them?"

I started to smile. "We die happy." I know, that's a terrible thing to say about my friends, but give me a break. The boys are complete fools, and you all know it.


I glared in Gil's direction. "GIL, GO BURN IN ETERNAL FIRE!" He knew about my fear of octopuses, the dirty little…

Donna tapped my shoulder nervously. "U-um, M-M-Ma-c-c-cy?" She pointed down the hall where Gil was.

I looked and paled. "Oh my G…"

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