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Chapter Four

They released each other and looked up to see the floating beast slowly drifting towards them, its cold, unfeeling eyes piercing into their very souls and sending shivers up their spines. "I see you," it thought into their heads like a small whisper.

Macy, Gil, and Donna looked at each other in paralyzing fear. "Did it just…" whispered Donna.

"I think it…" murmured Gil.

"Run," squeaked Macy. The three followed her advice and started to run away from the creature. They ran into the gymnasium and found the bodies of the dead students. Blood was spattered on the floors and walls; it seemed everywhere you turned was a shade of burgundy. The teachers and students were lying all over the floor, on each other, every one of them pale from blood loss and from the fear they had experienced shortly before their gruesome deaths. Gil tripped over a body of a sixth grader as they ran in, and the sight stunned them.

"It killed them… it killed all of them…" whispered Donna, tears starting to gather in her eyes. She turned around to her friends. "Why?"

Macy shook her head. "I don't know, Donna."

"And perhaps you never will."

Macy, Gil, and Donna spun around to see the giant octopus. Donna screamed as the octopus' stingers lunged for them. Macy ran and rolled away to a corner, but Gil and Donna seemed to be stuck in place, and the stingers ran through them like a knife through bread. The light in their eyes went out and blood poured out of the fatal wounds like a large river. Macy stood up in shock.


The octopus was silent.

"How could you… what did we ever do to you?"

The octopus seemed to shrug.

Macy looked up at the giant octopus swirling above her, unafraid, but not at peace. Not at peace at all. "Go ahead. Kill me. Do whatever you want. You got my friends- every last one." A few last tears slid down her blood-stained cheeks. "So? What are you waiting for?" She glared at the octopus. "Well? WHAT ARE YOU FREAKING WAITING FOR? KILL ME!" She fell to her knees helplessly. "Just do it…"

She must have sat there for a half an hour, just waiting for the painful blow of the stingers. But when Macy finally had the courage to look back up, she saw nothing there. Just darkness. And she was still in the same school that would probably be closed after Monday. It didn't matter. Nothing did anymore. Macy stood up, an infuriated look on her face. If that- that thing, that monster thought it could get away with murdering everything she had known and loved, oh, it had better think again! She was going to find it. "You're going down, ya stupid octopus."


Time had lost all meaning. If there had been a dance, as planned, in that middle school gymnasium, it would have been empty a long time ago. But it was far from empty. No, there were people laying dead in there, people who had never even had their first kiss, let alone been able to drive a car. And Macy intended to avenge every single one of those people, even the ones she didn't particularly care for. Like Mila Ashton and Stacy LaPorte, who started a rumor saying that she had a crush on Andy (that had created a rift between them for a couple weeks). Or jerks who teased her and her friends, like Vance Hampton or Brad Nichols. Or her stupid cheating ex-boyfriend, Liam Klein! Or the ones who looked down on her all the time, like Brittney Delacroix. No matter who they were, she would avenge them all- she would be the better person.

And in that gymnasium, where it had first struck, was the octopus, sleeping soundly on the stage- I guess even murderous beasts need rest. She could've attacked right then, been done with it once and for all. "No… not a coward's attack… I will not have that sort of vengeance…"

"OCTOPUS!!!" screamed Macy angrily as loud as she could. The octopus opened its eyes, squinting at Macy, somewhat annoyed that it had been woken up. Then it floated over towards the girl, and prepared to strike, but oh, she had a surprise for it…

"EN GARDE!" yelled Macy, wielding a yardstick to which she had rubber-banded a fork and a knife, and also jumping out of the octopus' way so it didn't stab her. She smirked. "I told you that you were going down."

The octopus glared and huffed angrily. "That's what you think," it thought in Macy's head.

Macy frowned. "Don't try to freak me out with that telepathic stuff again. It won't work, you stupid squid!" She jabbed at the octopus' tentacle, and scraped up against it, leaving a slight mark. The octopus stabbed at her again, this time from three directions. Macy panicked, but flew backwards and threw her yardstick at the octopus' head, landing it deeply in its eye. Blood oozed out from the octopus, and in its pain, it flailed its tentacles in all directions. Macy tried to avoid them by staying close against the wall, but she didn't see one coming, and suddenly, it knocked her off her feet. Before she could recover, another landed soundly on her side, crushing her. Macy screamed out in her distress. Unable to move, all she could do was wait and watch, and then, as the octopus collapsed, one of its heavy tentacles collapsed on Macy's head. The last thing Macy did was smile weakly in victory, and the last thing she thought as she started to black out was, "I told you that you were going down, you stupid…"

Phobias. They have a strange way of controlling people's lives, though no one would ever confess to it.

The End

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