Title: Crimson Desires of The Forbidden / Desired Protection of A Soulless Being
Chapter: 1
Chapter Title: Soothing Embrace/Bloody Rapture
Genre: Romance/Supernatural
Rating: Fiction Rated: K/T (just to be extra safe)
Summary: Her protection is as deadly as her. Created without a soul and a heart, she is the ultimate and perfect specimen of a half demon and half vampire.As she has neither a soul nor a heart, she does not feelthosepitiful emotions which she calls weaknesses. But strangely enough,she will kill anyone who dares to lay a hand on her 'son'.

At the age of ten, he lost his parents toan ancient evil when it was released into the living world.Feeling like there was nothing left behind for him, hedid nothing as that same evil went after him.She appeared before him. She took him in her arms and escaped.

Now, both are bounded together by a life contract. Hidden desires soonare revealed to both of them as each struggledto keep them hidden.

Darkness instilled silence in the air as the yellow moon shone bright and eerie in the pitch black sky. A howl rang through the night as a dark silhouette of a wolf appeared atop a hill. Its striking yellow eyes scanned the town below it as two dark figures stood behind, shadowed by the huge tree they were standing directly underneath. One of the figures moved closer to the wolf, moonlight shone on its hooded cloak. Lifting a hand, the figure pointed to the town below.

"Are you sure?" a lilting feminine voice spoke out in a soft voice. The hooded figure remained silent. Suddenly, a pair of glowing red eyes appeared in the darkness behind the hooded figure. "As you wish. Master."

He stared at the bloody scene, unable to move. He could hear the crunching sounds the figure was making as he just stared at the figure feeding off his mother. Suddenly, he saw the figure threw his mother's body down and started to stalk towards him. Numbed with fear, he just stared as the figure got nearer and its bright red eyes glowed with hunger and malice. He tried to move away but found himself locked in place with fear. Moonlight made the figure's white canine teeth gleamed as it opened its mouth.

"Master!" he suddenly heard a feminine voice called out to him, snapping him out of his dream. Breathing hard, he found a pair of luminous silver-blue eyes staring down at him in the darkness. Ignoring the eyes, he combed his hand through his dark hair as he wondered when the nightmare would finally end. Closing his eyes, he took in a deep breath before making himself sit upright. The silver-blue eyes watched him in silence.

"It's all right. It was nothing," he reassured the darkness. Silence greeted him back for a few long minutes as he stared down at the sweat-soaked sheets that was around his torso. Suddenly, he felt a presence seated beside him. A feminine hand slowly appeared in front of his face and brushed back his hair in a gentle caress. He closed his eyes as he savored the touch, despite it being ice-cold on his skin.

"Master," the same feminine voice whispered in his ear. Upon hearing the soft voice, he turned with a sudden and wrapped his arms around the slender frame of his hidden companion. Soothing ice-cold arms wrapped themselves around his upper body as he burrowed his face deeper into her stomach. Moonlight shifted and revealed a silvery golden haired woman seated on the bed with him. He sighed with relief when he felt her hand brushing his hair in caressing yet motherly motion. In her arms, he felt like he was once a mere boy of ten that he once was.

"Stay with me. Don't ever leave me," he whispered into her stomach. Silence billowed around them as they stay locked in the position that they were now.

"For all eternity, Master," she answered, lowering her head slightly. Long flowing hair slipped forward, creating a silver-gold curtain around his head. "Nova," she whispered his name.

The night was still young as she rose from the bed. Looking down, she watched him sleep peacefully with his arms wrapped around the pillow. If she had a heart, her heart would softened upon seeing such a tender image but fate was cruel. She felt nothing inside. Bending slightly, she covered him with the sheets before making her way towards the window. Lifting her head slightly, she gazed upon the eerily yellow moon. A few minutes passed as she continued watching the moon before opening the window softly.

A gentle breeze flowed in, billowing silently with her long silvery golden hair. She turned back once more and watched him sleep. "Shadow Striker," she softly summoned as her silver-blue eyes continued watching him sleep. Shadows in the room moved and a pair of striking yellow eyes watched her from within those shadows. "See that he is not disturbed," she commandeered turning back to the open window. The pair of yellow eyes closed once before re-opening again. A paw stepped out of the darkness and soon, a huge black wolf appeared under the moonlight.

The shadows now moved towards her and black tendrils wrapped around her. She watched her surroundings turned dark and felt herself melting into the darkness of the shadows. Within minutes, the shadows moved back into their original places and the lithe silvery golden-haired woman was gone.

Outside, she looked up back at the open window once more before turning around. Her footsteps echoed in the silent night as the heels of her shoes tapped against the pavement. Glowing red cat-like eyes now replaced her luminous silver-blue ones as she scanned the area. Suddenly, a shadow zoomed past her. Not in the least bit startled by the sudden move, she stopped in her tracks and listened to the silence around her.

"Well, well. What do we have here?" a voice spoke out from within the darkness in front. A group of teenage boys walked out of the darkness. Several some of them had sneering smiles on their faces. Their leader, a long dark-haired boy, snapped his fingers and the rest circled around her. Their leader walked up to her and widened his smile, revealing long canine teeth. She glanced at her sides while the others bared their own white teeth at her. Soon, all of them had the same canine teeth while their dark eyes turned deep red. "Don't you know that it is dangerous to be out alone at night?" the leader asked, stuffing his hands in his back pockets as he circled around her. She watched him circling her, silent as ever.

"Time is wasting! I'm hungry! Let's just suck her blood!" several of them urged the long-haired boy impatiently. The boy glanced at his friends before smiling back at her.

"Sorry but my friends are impatient. You don't mind terribly, do you?" he asked. This time, a cold smile appeared on her face as she closed her eyes.

"Oh I do not mind it. In fact, I insist that you do. But -" she said, one of her hands shot up and grabbed his neck. She opened her eyes to watch him struggle to get his neck free. His friends, startled by the sudden movement, tried to help but found that they could not move. She watched the others struggle a bit before turning her attention back to their leader. She brought him nearer to her face until he could see the dark pupils of her glowing red eyes turned to slits. "As it happened, I am hungry as well," she said, moonlight made her own white canine teeth gleamed.

Using her other hand, she pushed his head slightly which gave her access to his exposed neck. Again, the dark-haired leader tried to get himself free but in vain. She was much much stronger than everyone of them. Baring her teeth, she opened her mouth widely and placed those canine teeth of hers lightly on his neck. Then, ever slow, she moved and her teeth sank deep into his neck. The boy shrieked with pain and struggled even more. But she would not let him go. She felt the rush of blood gushing into her system and that even made her wanting more.

The others watched in horror as she devoured their leader. Throwing the dead body aside, she looked at them with a glint in her eyes. "What-what are you?!" one of them cried out, his fear clearly showing. She smiled coldly as she wiped away a trail of blood from the side of her mouth.

"Why, I am just like you. A creature of the night," she replied, almost nonchalantly. Once again, the glint appeared in her glowing red eyes and that was all they could see in the darkness that suddenly surrounded her. Soon, a crunching sound rang through the night. Frightful screams soon followed after.