He stifled a yawn behind a hand as he gazed up at the yellow moon that shone bright in the dark. "If only every night could be this peaceful," he thought, closing his eyes as he breathed in the nightly scent. He looked over his shoulder and watched his fellow peers talking inside the classroom as they waited for the next educator to appear.

"It's ironical for me to be here," he thought as he turned around and leaned against the railing, his eyes ever watching the class. Though he knew that he would be safe from them, it did not hurt to be a little careful. He sighed as he closed his eyes once again. He wondered what she was thinking of putting him in a classroom full of those detestable bloodsuckers.

Every one of his peers was beautiful in their own pale way. "They look like angels," he remembered a student who came to the school in the day gushed. He scoffed at the irony of the term. It was true that all of the students who attended the Akatsuki Academy at night looked and behaved like angels. "But-" he thought, opening his eyes and staring at the rest with narrowed eyes. Behind each one of them, a heart of a demon was beating deep inside of them.

A thought came to mind and he looked down upon an series of unusual markings on the lower part of his left arm. The blackness of the markings seemed to glow eerily under the moonlight, as though reminding him of the pact. "I'm no better," he said out loud, looking away from the mark. "What's even worse than being a bloodsucker is making a pact with one," he thought, looking back up at the moon. His hardened expression softened, a more wilful expression took over. His hatred towards bloodsuckers battled with his love for his 'mother'.

10 years ago

"I'm going to catch you!" a small boy cried out as he ran after his friends. He chased after one of his friends who swerved away from the others as childish laughter filled the air. The sky had turned orange above as birds flew past above the small group of children who were playing near the forest. The children's parents looked on and smiled at the sheer happiness that was in their laughter before leaving them to play by themselves. "Caught you!" the boy cried out as his hand tapped his friend who groaned at the prospect of being the catcher. He laughed and sped off away from his friend while the others cheered him on.

Sunlight glinted off his dark hair as he ran further away from his friend who had decided to chase after the others. Not knowing that the chaser was not running after him, the boy kept running until he entered the dense forest which his parents had forbid him to enter. Being an active boy at his tender age, he forgot about his parents warning. Soon, he could no longer hear the sound of his friends' laughter or the murmuring voices of the other villagers. He stopped short in his run and looked around, his brilliant green eyes fearful and alert. Silence were around him as he kept turning around, trying to figure the way out.

Suddenly, he heard a growl near the bushes and he whipped his head towards that direction but saw nothing. Then, with a sudden, he saw a pair of striking yellow eyes staring at him from within the shadows underneath several tall trees. Fear now made his little body trembled as he took several small subtle steps back. Figuring that he was now a few distance away from the menacing eyes, he turned and sped off. He did not know where he was running to but in his mind, the thought of getting away from those eyes kept repeating itself. With a sudden, he bumped into something hard and fell back. Rubbing his back, he winced at the pain the fall had caused. He looked up and his eyes widened with shock and fear.

A statue of a woman in chains greeted him when he looked up. Long ropes of steely chains wounded around the woman whose stone face showed no expression. Her hands, which clasped together near her womb, were cuffed in chains as well. Something atop of her cuffed wrists caught his attention when he observed the statue woman from her head to the toe. Pushing himself up to his feet, he gingerly walked towards the statue. His eyes kept glancing up to her face as though expecting her to come to life at any moment. Once he was close enough to her, he saw a seal with a serpent-like creature engraved on it. As he stared at the seal, the air around him grew more stiller until he could no longer hear any sound.

"T-touch i-it. B-break t-the s-seal," a whispering voice floated around him. His hand moved in accordance to the soft voice that kept repeating the same words over and over again. A finger grazed the seal and a loud explosion caught his attention. He whipped his head back to the direction of the huge sound. His face grew pale when he realized that it was coming from the village. "Mama, Papa," he whispered as he turned fully around and ran towards the village, leaving behind the statue figure. Unknown to him, the figure's eyes glowed silver-blue as it watched him ran off.

He stared at the burning furnace which once was his home, frightful shock etched on his small face. Screams filled the air as smoke billowed up to the now black sky. Not caring that it was already night, his strong desire to find his parents filled his entire small frame. "Mama! Papa!" he cried out, unshed tears gleamed in his eyes. He ran into the burning village, despite the others running away from it with millions of unusual shadows chasing after them. He turned around and around, trying to locate his parents. He turned for the last time and stopped short. His eyes widened at the gruesome scene that was displayed before him.

A dark figure was bent over his mother whose eyes rolled back as its head was on the side of her neck. He could hear the grinding sound that it was making and fear once again overwhelmed him. He had the sudden urge to run as far away as possible from that horrible scene but his legs betrayed him. Weakened at the knees, he fell back but his eyes never strayed away. Finally, something caught his attention below. He looked away from the gruesome scene and saw his father lying on his sides. Blood was everywhere around his father and he spied a huge gaping hole in the middle of his father. He could feel the bile rising up in his throat and he quickly looked away from the grotesque corpse that was his father.

It seemed like an eternity when the figure finally lifted its head away from his mother, blood gleamed on its mouth and on its elongated white canine teeth. He watched as the figure threw away his mother's lifeless body like a rag doll and turned towards him. "Well now, aren't you a handsome young man? I wonder what does the blood of young handsome boys like you taste like," he heard the figure whispered. Even though it was a few distance away from him but its voice, however, seemed to be near his ear. He trembled with fear upon hearing that raspy sound it made. With a sudden, the figure bared its teeth and lunged after him. Instinctively, he lifted both of his arms to defend himself as he closed his eyes. A loud evil cackle boomed around him.

Ice-cold hands then wrapped themselves around himself and he felt himself being lifted up with a sudden. Lowering his arms, he opened his eyes and found himself staring at a very pale, yet artistically beautiful face that seemed to be carved out from white marble. A loud shrilly screech of frustration erupted behind and he glanced behind. His eyes widened when he saw the figure preparing itself to run after them but a fellow villager ran past it. Seeing the villager, the figure changed its mind and jumped onto the back of the villager feverishly and hungrily.

Upon hearing the grinding sound and the loud painful scream that came from the villager, he quickly wrapped his arms around the ice-cold neck of the woman and burrowed his head into her neck. A soft whimper issued from his mouth as she glanced down at him. They entered the dense forest and after a few moments of being inside, she leapt up into the air instantaneously without stopping.

Shadows shot towards them from every angle and twirled around them, immersing the two of them in a ball of shadows. The ball then burst and they were nowhere to be seen.

In the beginning, he heard the loud crying and screaming coming from the burning village. And the next, he heard nothing. He felt the stillness in the air and opened his eyes gingerly. His eyes widened when he saw darkness surrounding them. His eyes glanced around but found nothing. He closed his eyes again and tears spilled over. Images of him with his parents flashed in that little head of his. "Mama, Papa," he sniffed into an ice-cold neck. Soon the coldness spread through his small frame and he lifted his head in shock. The woman looked down at him with expressionless eyes as he removed his arms from her. He struggled in her arms, trying to break away from her. Strangely, she allowed him to push her away. He looked up at her with a fearful look in his eyes while he backed away from her slowly. His eyes darted around but found no escape.

"Wh-who are you?" he bravely asked, still backing away from her. The room seemed to have no walls around them. It was like an endless realm. She did not answer him. Instead, she just stood there as she stared down at him. Something about her and her silence seemed familiar. He frowned as he tried to remember. An image of the statue woman came to mind and he glanced up at her again. The sheer resemblance between the woman and the statue figure was striking. Silvery golden hair replaced the gray hair while luminous silver-blue eyes stared at him. Even in the darkness, her pale alabaster skin seemed to glow.

From the shadows in the branches of the tree, she watched him stared at the moon. She placed a hand on the rough bark of the trunk as she stood in silence. Having fed the previous night, there was no need for her to hunt tonight. From her view, she could tell that he was wondering why she had placed him in a school that taught vampires in the night. Even from where she was, she could see the many expressions that he was prone to display. She watched as he turned to face the room and pushed himself up. She remained motionless as he made his way into the class. Once he was inside, she took a step back and dropped into the sheer darkness of shadows.

He stared dully ahead as he sat down at his desk. Around him, the vampires were busying talking among themselves until silence filled the air. Two shadows loomed beside him and he turned to find two pairs of deep red eyes staring down at him with feverish hunger in them.

"What do we have here? A human in the night school?" one of them scoffed while the other gave a smile that showed his elongated canine teeth. Murmurs around the classroom now erupted around them. He ignored the murmurs and the disgusted stares that he was getting. "So are you our tea break?" the same vampire asked as he began to bent down to stare at him directly in front. The chair that he was sitting on was suddenly pushed back with such force as he was roughly brought up to his feet while the same blood-sucker grabbed him by his collar.

He leaned away from the vampire who brought his face near to his, his white elongated canine teeth snapping near Nova's neck. Just as the educator entered the room, the two vampires were thrown back away from him. They crashed into the wall while the others looked on in surprise and shock. His own green eyes widened with shock when he saw them being thrown aside like rag dolls. Suddenly, a figure walked towards them from his side and bent down. He stood up quickly when he saw she had her hands gripped around their necks tightly.

Suddenly, the whole room burst into whispering murmurs as some of them looked at her with horror in their red eyes. He wondered why. "Do not ever come near him again," she said in that lilting voice of hers. Somehow, by the sheer sound of her voice had terror written all over their faces as they nodded quickly with fear in their eyes.

He heard the whispers around him and frowned as he walked up to her. "Put them down," he said. The others gasped upon hearing him. She glanced at him from the corner of her eyes and, after a few long seconds, did as she was told. The moment her hands released their grips, the two vampires moved away from them with lightning speed.

"S-Shadow Curse" a trembling voice called out. The whole room turned silence as she turned to face the newly arrived educator. When those silver-blue eyes of hers gazed upon his frightful red ones, the educator gave out a gasp of terror which Nova had never heard before. The silvery golden-haired woman then fully turned towards the educator and made her way towards him in a slow walk. Every pair of red eyes watched her walk, the sound of her heel tapping distinctively. As usual, Nova could feel her entire presence filled the room despite her silence.

"Is the Chairman still around?" she asked, her eyes never wavering away from the educator's. He nodded almost instantaneously in answer. She glanced back at the room as though warning everyone before walking out of the room. Without wasting any time, he followed her from behind.