Faulty Hierachy


Hello all, Luci-chan here! This is a story I actually started working on about… eh… 10-12 weeks ago. It's not complete but it will be!


Now for the disclaimers (there are a few):

First, this story will confuse the hell out of you. This is because I'm not writing it in order. But hey, think of it as a mystery. With each chappy the big picture will get clearer. But for this reason you must have me on Author's Alert and you do have to follow the link in the email to get to the new chappy in the right place.

Second, I will offend many people in this story. This is because a lot of this story deals with religion and I well, don't know that much about the Christian faith (my family is Christian, oddly enough, but I haven't been to church in years). And since the guy who was supposed to help me kind of disappeared on me for about three months, I had to bullshit my way through a bit of it as I went along. So don't nitpick, but if I got something horribly wrong, just review and let me know. Okay?

Last, as mentioned in my summary, and as you should have guessed from my other stories, this is a yaoi story. That's male/male, for those of you who didn't know. There are four yaoi pairings as of yet, and a few bi characters. There isn't any yuri (that would be female/female) as of yet, but who knows. And there are straight pairings, too, if that's what you're into! And oh yeah, there's also a twincest pairing (Min and Boku), but it doesn't go into detail.


Now for the characters:

Death Angels—

Jitsu Sanjan is the death angel of homicide. He was created from Abel's soul when Cain killed him. His weapon is a scythe, which he summons to free the souls of humans who have been murdered. He helped to create the twin angels Minzoku and Bokumetsu, and he is one of the few death angels who actually enjoys the job. He has red hair (crayon red, not natural red) and wings and when in human form his eyes are black, but when he summons his scythe his eyes glow red. He appears to be seventeen.

Saji Tsuji is the death angel of suicide. She has never told anyone what soul she was created from. She is in love with Jitsu, but a relationship between homicide and suicide was forbidden. She uses a pair of daggers with long blades and rubies set into the hilt. She frees the souls of those who took their own lives by slitting their throats in an X across their neck. She has black hair and wings and in her human form her eyes are blue, but turn completely white (no pupils or anything) when she summons her daggers in her angel form. She appears to be sixteen.

Minzoku and Bokumetsu are the twin siblings of genocide. Minzoku ("Min") is a girl with purple hair and wings, and her eyes are brown in human form but purple in angel form. Bokumetsu ("Boku") is a boy with dark orange hair and wings, and his eyes are brown in his human form and orange in his angel form. Min and Boku are the only two death angels to be created by another angel rather than the Trinity. They are the "children" of Jitsu and Senso (homicide war genocide), and they are the youngest angels, created in the 1940s during WWII because of the Holocaust, when Jitsu and Senso were having trouble deciding who's territory that was. Their weapons are, thus, that they can exhale zyclon-b. They appear to be about nineteen.

Senso Tatakai is the death angel of war. She was created from the soul of the first person killed in the first holy war. She looks the most human of all the angels, with brown hair and eyes in both human and angel form, and tan wings. She originally used a bow and arrow, but her weapons evolved with warfare and now she uses a handgun. Even though she, like Jitsu, gave half of her already-severed soul to create Min and Boku, she doesn't have a personal relationship with him because they both take their jobs too seriously. She appears to be about twelve, which pisses her off.

Doku is the death angel of poisons (including alcohol or drug overdoses). He has no last name and his true age is uncertain, although he appears to be about twenty. He has fangs like a snake and he releases the souls of the deceased by injecting poison into their veins. He has blue hair and wings, and his eyes are light blue in human form, but electric blue in his angel form.

Shii Shizan is the natural death angel, as in natural disasters, or when people die of old age. He was the first death angel ever, created shortly after Adam and Eve were banished from Eden. He summons a bow and arrows as his weapon. His hair and wings are green, and his eyes are hazel in human form, but sage in angel form. He is the oldest-looking of all the angels, about twenty-six. He's very quiet and generally avoids the other angels. He has been accused in the past of being a in cahoots with The Deep Six.

Byoki Waruku is the death angel of illness and disease. He has existed since the plagues (you know, with Moses and all that jazz). He has white hair and wings, and brown eyes in human form, no eye color in angel form. He uses a katana, he appears to be about twenty-one, and… he's Doku's lover!

Jidai Kodomo is the death angel of all children under twelve, regardless of how they died. She was created between Shii and Jitsu, and she was the last to ever see Eden before it was lost. She uses a fighting fan as her weapon and she sings to the children's souls to calm them until they can enter Heaven. She has pink hair and wings, and her eyes are a wine colour in her human form, but they're hot pink in her angel form.


Kotaishi Okami is the leader of the pack. His name literally means "Prince Wolf". He is the only remaining born werewolf of the werewolf family of Japan after his father, Kokuo Okami ("King Wolf") was killed by Kyuke Tsuki, leader of the vampire coven of Japan. He hates all vampires.

Senbo Okami is Kotaishi's mate. Her name literally means "Envious Wolf". Although she is at the same level as all of the other wolves, except Kotaishi and Yowai, she aspires to overthrow Kotaishi and become leader of the pack. She feels that werewolves and vampires should form an alliance to repair the hierarchy. She is regularly punished by Kotaishi for insubordination.

Yowai Okami is the runt of the pack. His name literally means "Feeble Wolf". His lover is the born vampire Hitori Yogari, but he has to sneak around to see him because he fears Kotaishi. In his human form he's only about five-foot-three, even though he's full-grown.

Hageshisa Okami is Kotaishi's half-sister. She was christened "Violent Wolf" because "dirty blood" resulting from Kokuo Okami mating with a woman who turned out to be an Irish banshee in disguise (please note that an Irish banshee is a type of fairy and not actually like, a screaming banshee, but that's another story). She was ostracized from the pack and banished to the wilderness of the mainland. She is the only werewolf known to hunt humans all month and not just when she is in her wolf form.

Yuwaku Okami is very sweet and beautiful in human form. His name literally means "Seductive Wolf". Rather than hunting in the traditional Okami style, he lures his victims, especially women, to him and then captures them. He enjoys torturing his prey and "plays with his food" before killing them.

Nakigoe Okami complains a lot. His name literally means "Crying Wolf", no pun intended.

Menetsu Okami Futatsu Menboku Two Face "Two-Faced Wolf". She's very happy and sweet in human form, but when she transforms she's brutal.


Kyuke Tsuki is a half-born vampire, and head of the vampire coven of Japan. His name actually means "Vampire". Original, right? Anyway, Kyuke hates the entire Okami family because Kokuo Okami killed his father, Yoru ("Night"), and then, after Kyuke avenged Yoru's death, the Okami pack struck back and killed most of the coven. He loves Hina and made her a vampire to save her life when she fell ill in 1347.

Hina Ansho is a created vampire, meaning that she was entirely human at one point. Her name means "Sanctuary" or "Haven". She regrets asking Kyuke to make her a vampire and would prefer to die rather than continue living on the lives of others. She used to love Kyuke but she's growing to resent him because he won't allow her to die. She doesn't believe in the universal hierarchy and calls it "faulty".

Hitori Yogari is the only born vampire of Japan. He is the son of Hina and Kyuke. His name means "self-righteous" and he's very proud, believing that the vampires were forced into an unfair spot in the universal hierarchy because of the schism between the werewolves and vampires. He's Yowai Okami's lover, but he keeps that a secret from Kyuke, although Hina knows.