Harsh lights
Apartment rooms
Heart breaking plights
Hearts swoon

Slip her a bill
Pay for your life
She'll give you a thrill
She'll give you the knife

Pay for your pleasure
She'll pay with her pain
Her heart you'll sever
Her screams in Vein

Steel paints her skin
Red ribbons woven into limbs
Could it feel so good if it was sin?
Are her cries not a hymn?

Cocaine Candy on her knees
Nothing more than a slave
Will suck you off to pay her fees
Drugs give her a ride to the grave

Help her addiction
Pay for your release
She's skilled at seduction
Five minutes of peace

Rip at her hair
Tear her collar
Why should you care?
If a whore bleeds and hollers

Her lips worth her bill
Her mouth worth her moans
Her throat you can fill
Silence her groans

Call her a bitch
Unleash in her lips
She's bewitched
As you claw down her hips

Throw her the needle
She worked so hard for
Turn the lights off on the fallen angel
And leave her on the floor

Cocaine Candy on her knees
Seconds from her death
Pushes the needle in her arm with a squeeze
And sighs her last breath