"And that's all for today, ladies and gents, so thanks for tuning in and peace out," said Helix.

"Also, don't forget the biggest concert to hit this town in ages! Look forward to seeing the local town's band, or should I say, the "miracle" of this dull and dreary town, Poseidon!" added Adrian.

With that, Helix switched the On Air sign to Off Air. She quickly took off her headphones and stared at Adrian.

"What the deuce was that for?" she asked, eyeing him with a hint of severity.

"Hey, hey, it's not a crime to promote our band!" he countered, taking a swig of his Gatorade.

Sienna, who was sitting next to him laughed. "Oh, please, Adrian," she said good naturedly. "People don't even know that we are the band; we have confidential "On Air names," remember?"

"Exactly," replied Adrian calmly, "And thank goodness for that, because if people saw your ugly face-"

"Adrian!" shrieked Sienna, who whapped him on the side of his head with her hand.

"Seriously, don't you two ever tire of fighting?" asked Massimo, who was taking a sip of his coffee.

"He always starts it," muttered Sienna.

"You know, if I didn't know any better, I would've thought that you two were a bickering married couple."

"Helix, another word, and..."

"Don't you dare threaten me, Adrian!"

Adrian, Sienna, Helix, and Massimo were a couple of normal teenagers, if there were any. Friends who met at summer camp three years earlier, the 15 year olds, with the exception of Massimo, who just turned 16, were quite a handful.

There was Adrian, who was the tall, lanky and the funny type of guy. With black hair and soulful brown eyes, his disarming grin can make anyone laugh. He had a peculiar looking nose, thanks to trying to impress some girl years before, causing him to jump from a tree; therefore, resulting in a messy broken nose.

But nonetheless, he was proud of it, and called it his "battle scar," even though it was caused from his own stupidity and wasn't even the result of a battle. Unbearably humorous and charming, he had no enemies, only admirers.

Then there was Sienna, who was also the goofball. She could be funny one second and be eerily serious the next, which often shocks the group into behaving. Her temperamental bursts can be at times freaky, but most of the time "cute", as how Adrian puts it.

With light brown hair and chocolate colored eyes, she was regarded as beautiful and was the envy of many of the girls from their local high school. The only person who can set her temper off in less than a second is of course, Adrian. Since both can be pretty stubborn, neither can accept defeat from their arguments and therefore results in bruised limbs, a colorful disarray of the strangest names, (ex. Son of a Sheep) and thrown foods.

Even though both are hostile to each other regularly, there's an unmistakable hint of affection in all their actions towards one another. Of course, it goes by unmissed by both Helix and Massimo, but both tend to be quiet about it, since the very "couple" subject rouses Sienna and Adrian to snap at them and defiantly say, "ewww," like little kids.

The most reserved and quiet of the group was Massimo, who moved from Greece to America when he was 8. With a touch of Peruvian, Massimo, with his dark brown hair and stunning eyes, was easily the most exotic looking boy in their high school. The object of affection of nearly every girl that lays eyes on him, most of the guys hate him. Too bad he never notices the fawning girls.

While the other guys take Massimo's quietness as snobby, or the girls as sexy, he simply just feels comfortable keeping to himself most of the time, and likes to read. If you didn't see him studying, listening to music, or talking to his small group of friends, then he is reading. He is oblivious to all the girls trying to get his attention, and that lands Helix and Sienna a big problem with his admirers.

Rarely does he have uncontrollable bursts of laughter, or make that never, but he does smile, and that's something to look at. Although intellectual, he does not possess the easy going charm and humor that Adrian does, and likes his group of friends the way it is.

Last but not least was Helix, the eccentric of the group. With black hair and brown, almost hazel eyes, her looks were regarded as "striking." Although not regarded as beautiful like Sienna, she has her own quirks, like asking weird questions. With her dry humor, you can be depressed and die of laughter, yet she tends to be serious with Adrian sometimes.

Music means a lot to her, and she also likes to read. She doesn't give a hoot about what people think of her, and does everything that fits in the "comfortable" category, as opposed to the "heavy make-up, skimpy skirts" bin. Her humor rivals Adrian's, but she and Massimo tend to confide in each other more.

The four friends started a radio station, in Adrian's uncle's underground On Air station and called it Sponge FM, (title courtesy of Adrian, of course). Everyday after school, the four would entertain the town with their hysterical antics, on the edge news and gossip, and the latest music updates.

Sponge FM was the epitome of an "outspoken" radio station, dedicated to teenagers who are not afraid to voice their opinions. The others would make sure that every complaint is heard, and they even have their own helpful segments: "Ask the Ranger", (Sienna, due to her fetish with Power Rangers) an advice program much similar to Dear Abby, "The Love Doctor", (Adrian), who gives girls and guys advice on dating, "Rockin' with Razz" (Helix), who gives the latest updates on music, and "Intellectual Brain", (Massimo) who helps listeners with their homework.

Quite popular with the teenage population, Sponge FM was quite a hit. Except to the teachers and most of the adults, ranging from 25 and above, who disapprove and call it, "ridiculous." But the Love Doc, Ranger, Razz and Brain could give a crap, and enjoy their on air time.

They also have their own band, called Poseidon, (Massimo's idea) where they rock out at local concerts and parties. Sienna and Massimo were the guitarists, Helix, the keyboarder and backup vocalist, and Adrian, who was the drummer and did vocals. Thanks to Adrian's adorable humor, pretty Sienna, exotic Massimo, and cool Helix, the band was loved by all.

"I'm hungry," whined Adrian, who was shoved out the door of the radio station by Sienna because he was too slow.

"You fatty," said Sienna, "You just ate two Big Macs, all MY fries, and a parfait!"

"Yeah, well, a grown man has to eat," said Adrian, who smiled proudly and pointed to his chest. "I am a threat to Superman, if I don't say so myself."

"Don't flatter yourself, Adrian," said Helix, who was ahead with Massimo, "More like a threat to Barney."

Sienna and Massimo laughed, while Adrian bristled behind them. When they finally reached it to the upper level of the house, they went outside, bid their goodbyes and started their ways home.